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Laura C. Cole
Living Doll Reborn Nursery
Ashville, Pennsylvania


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Hello! My name is Laura. I am a full time geriatric Registered Nurse and a part time doll artist. I'm with loved ones when they pass on to the afterlife and there to create new life in Reborn dolls. I am very passionate about art and creating hyper-realistic dolls brings me so much joy. When I discovered the Reborn doll world I just knew this was a calling for me. I am fairly new at this and I am self taught. I am always learning new techniques and styles. I hope to continue making dolls for many years to come and bring a smile to faces everywhere with my art. God Bless and thank you for visiting my nursery!

22 " (55.8 cm)

$350 USD

17 " (43.1 cm)

Custom Order

16 " (40.6 cm)

$300 USD