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Reborns Membership Benefits (Bronze, Silver and Gold plans):
• Pay no commissions ever.
• List as many babies as you want (up to one per 24 hours).
• Month to month membership. Come and go from the service as you wish. Your account and listings will be saved when you are not active.
• Have your own nursery page with your own custom URL (i.e.,
• Your name and nursery link will show on the front page in the members section.

Bronze Membership - $4.99/month
• Your babies DO NOT show on the front page of Reborns and they are NOT posted to Facebook or Twitter.

Silver Membership - $9.99/month
• Your babies show on the front page under Just Born when first posted. You may list up to one new baby per 24 hours (no reposting allowed).
• New listings also get pushed out to the Reborns's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Gold Membership - $19.99/month
• All the benefits of Silver membership.
• Your babies will be shown approximately 2,700 times per day (81,000 times per month) in the "Featured Babies" section on the front page.
   Based on current website traffic of ~3200 sessions/day, 78 Gold members and 66 slots for showing Featured Babies on the front page.

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