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Presley head/Maggie body

Must be 18 or older to purchase the doll.
Please do not ask for the doll as a gift. I spend too much time and money to give away my reborns. I price my dolls extremely low for the quality you will receive.

The doll was created from the Presley head from Bountiful Baby and the torso and limbs from Maggie, from Bountiful Baby.

Painted with genesis heat set paints. It has taken many hours and many translucent layers of paint to create the realism of my baby. I loved combining the best of both kits to present to you my unique one of a kind reborn baby doll. One of my favorite types of reborn kits is the one with this type of full torso anatomically correct body. The head and limbs are all connected to a cloth body that sits inside of the torso. It is like a little turtle shell. Please be aware that this type of doll is stiffer than a reborn with a cloth body. To me, I love the adorable body the way I've assembled it. While some artists cut the torso in half and both parts can be connected, I will not do this. It would take away from the beauty of the body.

Another item that I do like about the full vinyl torso is that I can weight it heavier to give it a very realistic weight. The doll is a sweet 6 pounds and 4 ounces. The limbs move very nicely and the head can be CAREFULLY moved for posing. Baby wears size newborn very nicely.

I've given my doll so many realistic features for a very realistic looking baby doll. I am always very attentive to details when working on my kits. She has a very mottled skin tone, sweet blushing in all of the right places. Very subtle veining. The finger and toe nails were carefully tipped with off white paint for a sweet baby look manicure. Creases and wrinkles were attended to. The parts were given a final coat of matte varnish for dimension. I blushed the sweet little hands and feet and toes and fingers.

One of my favorite ways to add the hair onto a doll representative of a newborn is the wispy painted hair. It takes me many hours and days to make baby's hair this realistic looking. I can give the painted hair many very fine baby hairs, lots of swirls and a sweet crown. I love the hair on this precious cherub. I paint the hair on layer, upon layer upon layer with a brush with only a few bristles. I finalize the technique with a coat of matte varnish to make the little hairs stand out more. The painted hair is sparse enough to see the little scalp. The eyebrows are very subtle with a barely there look.

This doll was given a magnetic pacifier. There is a magnet behind the lips to hold onto it. Please use caution around any equipment or persons that may be sensitive to this type of magnet.

I gave the doll hand applied eyelashes. They are securely attached but I always recommend to be very careful when pulling clothing over the head.

I gave this open eyed angel acrylic eyes from Bountiful Baby. The eyes are designed especially for the look of a newborn.

This is not a toy for a young child. I don't recommend it for any child under the age of 12. Also, if you have pets that may chew the limbs and filled with fine glass beads be aware of that. . The doll has been weighted with poly pellets in the head and torso. I've enclosed the pellets in heavier socks rather than nylons to prevent any leakage.

This little pixie looking angel has the sweetest little expression. She was a joy to make and I used all of my creative abilities in making her. If you have any questions about how she was created, photographed or assembled please contact me for clarification. Since I do not accept returns I go out of my way to describe and photograph the doll. The doll does not pee or poop. It is not made out of soft silicon and it does not make any noises. I am proud of the final result of all of the time that I've put into baby. Sorry, but I do not offer a layaway plan on my dolls. With proper care my doll will stay beautiful to enjoy for years to come.

Baby's layette will include the following items:

pink baby mittens
green hand crochet pea pod cocoon
Miss press diaper cover
Magnetic pacifier
Ivory dress with lace and matching bonnet.
White and pink pea pod cocoon with matching hat.
Gray and white romper.
Care sheet with my suggestions for care of the doll
Custom Certificate of Adoption with name you choose and person "adopting baby". If you do not advise me before I ship the doll I will include a blank one for you to fill out.
One prefolded cloth diaper with vintage diaper pins
Extra pampers.
No other items or props will be included.

Artist: Victoria Arjaev

Length: 20" (50.8 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Awake
Hair: Painted
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: White / Caucasian

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