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Mary Ann - Natalie Blick


I am so proud to offer to you this gorgeous reborn baby doll. She has been reborned from the limited sold out edition of Mary Ann sculpted by Natalie Blick. I have put many hours, days and weeks into creating this beautiful one of a kind reborn baby doll.

The doll has been painted with only genesis heat set painted. I have applied layer upon layer of transluscent skin tones to give her a peaches and cream complexion. I have applied soft layers of undertones in the appropriate areas. Baby has sweet blushing on her face, fingers, toes and hands and feet. Genesis heat set paint actually bonds to the vinyl preventing fading or peeling.

This baby doll is a good sized doll weighing about 6 1/2 and is approximately 21 inches. I gave her a quality custom body with front load legs. The doll has been weighted with only high quality items. The head and torso are weighted with plastic poly pellets inclosed in a heavy cloth sack. The limbs have been weighted with fine glass beads.

The baby has full length limbs allowing for a larger variety of clothing for her. Her limbs and head can be turned. She wears 0-3, 3 months very nicely. The white dress that she is wearing in the photos is a 6-9 month and is too large on her. If you are handy with a needle and thread, maybe you can make some alterations. I included it as it did look so pretty on her.

While my usual method for hair on my reborns is to paint the hair, with the beautiful face on this baby and being a bigger doll I wanted to give her an amazing head of rooted mohair. I've used different tones of hair and textures to give her this natural looking head of hair. It can be easily combed through but please be aware, even the finest quality of mohair can tangle if not taken care of properly. The mohair has been securely glued from within. I would recommend purchasing some mohair conditioner to use on occasion to keep the hair styled nicely.

It did take me several weeks to accomplish the rooting on my baby. It is meticulously rooted in a natural growth pattern. The crown has a swirl to it. I've left it a bit longer so it can be styled. The back of the head has a fine kid mohair while the top was given a yearling mohair.
I did some painted fine hair on the temples of her face.

I gave the doll natural painted eyebrows. The nostrils were not open but slightly shaded and given some moisture inside of them. The baby's beautiful mouth was given moisture on her lower lip. I also applied a small drop of moisture to the inside of the eyelids. The eyelashes are applied. I used a human hair lash with a clear strip. They are securely glued but I always advise to use care when pulling clothing over the baby's head. They are subtle as I didn't want the eyelashes to look like dolly lashes.

Please be aware that I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON MY DOLLS. Please be sure that this is the doll you want before purchasing it. If you have any questions at all, please contact me and I will answer with completely honesty. I take pride in my ability to create my dolls and want to have happy customers.

This doll was NOT given any magnets and I will not apply them at this time. I do not take any layaways. Please serious buyers only.

The doll will arrive with all of the clothing she is seen wearing in the pictures. I will include my care sheet with suggestions for keeping the doll in pristine condition. The certificate of authenticity. I also create a custom certificate of adoption with the details of the doll, the name of the adopting parent, and the name you would like for the doll. No other props or items will be included (I do usually send along an extra item of my choosing). This is a completely sold out kit and my baby doll is a one of a kind not to be repeated. I have used all of my skill, talent and love in bringing this doll to you.

I think I have priced this doll very reasonably as the kit itself was over $100.00 and I used high quality mohair. With all of the time that I've given her and the beautiful result I feel she is well worth the price I am asking.

Artist: Lullaby Babies Nursery

Length: 21" (53.3 cm)

Age: Older Baby
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Awake
Hair: Painted & Rooted (Combi)
Skin Color: Peaches & Cream

This item is no longer available for sale

Adopted for $399.99 USD   
(approx. 400 USD)

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