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Please note small gap in outer corners of eyes. 007






Baby Haute outfit preowned. Excellent condition.



Crystal - Donna RuBert


Also, I only accept paypal insist on paypal from a verified paypal account with a verified paypal address. I will ship the doll insured and I will ask for signature confirmation upon receipt. PLEASE NO SCAMMERS!!!
Please read description carefully as I do not accept any returns on my dolls.
Up for adoption is Crystal sculpted by Donna RuBert and reborned by myself.
Crystal is approximately 20 inches and weighs in at a little over six pounds.
The only paints I use on my reborns are genesis heat set paints. I find that I achieve the softest translucent and realistic skin tones. These paints do not fade over time and actually bond with the vinyl.
I've given Crystal a more of a peaches and cream complexion as she seemed to me like a baby maybe a month or two old and not a brand newborn. I've given the doll many realistic details which include blushing, undertones, soft soft veining.
I always give special attention to the creases and little fat folds on my babes. The finger and toenail tips are painted carefully to represent a baby type manicure.


This doll has a very serious expression on her little face. I loved the chubby arms and legs on her. Her limbs are full length which allows for a larger variety of clothing on her. She is a good sized doll and wears 3 months clothing.

I've weighted this doll not as heavy as I normally do making the doll very cuddly to hold. She is an angel to hold and rock. THe limbs are weighted with fine glass beads. The torso and head were weighted with plastic poly pellets and high quality fiber fill.


I've given Crystal a magnetic pacifier. Please do use caution around any equipment or persons sensitive to strong magnets. Also, this doll is not meant to be a playtoy but should be treated as a fine collectible. Please also use caution if you have any chewing pets as the limbs do contain fine glass beads***


While I normally prefer to paint hair onto my dolls, with Crystal I decided to give her rooted mohair. It is a good quality mohair but please be aware it is not fuss free. It is very fine and will need to be carefully combed especially when changine clothing. It can be gently combed into curls. I will include a care sheet with my suggestions for keeping baby (and baby's hair) in good condition. If you don't want to fuss with the hair, this may not be the doll for you. The hair has several different shades and textures from light blonde, dark blonde and strawberry blonde. It is very securely glued from within. The doll has hand applied blonde eyelashes glued on securely. I do advise to use care when pulling clothing over the doll's head. The doll's nostrils are opened and backed with dark felt. The doll was given beautiful baby tone acrylic polymer eyes from BB especially designed for the reborns. The eyes are securely glued into place but there is a slight gap in the outer corners of the eyes. This often happens with open eyed dolls.

*****The doll's layette will include the clothing she is seen wearing in the picture. A custom certificate of adoption with a watermark picture of the doll - the name chosen = the name of the adopting parent. A care sheet with my suggestions. No other props or items will be included. Please purchase only if you are sure this is the baby doll for you. If you have any questions please contact me and I will answer with complete honesty.
*** I do try to include everything about my reborn but again, please ask if you need additional information.


Artist: Victoria Arjaev

Length: 20" (50.8 cm)

Age: Older Baby
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Awake
Skin Color: Peaches & Cream
Race: White / Caucasian

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