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Easton Michelle Fagan


I am proud to present for your consideration my version of Easton from Bountiful Baby and sculpted by Michelle Fagan. After studying the kit I opted to make Easton a baby boy with a darker ethnic skin tone. I love the completed version on my baby boy and hope you enjoy looking at him.

I only use genesis heat set paints on all my dolls. I find that I can create such very lovely, transluscent and realistic shades. Genesis paints never fade out and actually bond with the doll. On Easton I painted layer upon layer of flesh tones with soft blushing. The doll has very subtle veining, soft painted eyebrows and fine capillaries. The nostrils have been opened and backed with dark felt.

I gave my baby doll a strong magnet behind the mouth to hold onto the magnetic pacifier. PLEASE USE CAUTION AROUND ANY EQUIPMENT OR PERSONS SENSITIVE TO SUCH STRONG MAGNETS.

The doll is a large and heavy doll. Having 3/4 legs and full arms it is very poseable. The arms have a plastic ring and are easily moveable. The doll can be a bit of a challenge to hold and dress.

The doll's limbs have been weighted with glass beads and sealed with a plug to avoid any leakage of the glass. The torso, which is a soft suede-like fabric in a darker shade) is weighted with poly plastic pellets and soft, good quality fiber fill.

I opted to root my baby doll with a beautiful quality black adult mohair. I think it fits my view of the doll as an ethnic baby. The mohair is easy to comb through without tangling up. I've left the mohair slightly longer so mommy can enjoy combing and styling. The mohair can be gently combed through and styled. I will include a care sheet with my suggestions for keeping the mohair in good condition. I've painted some soft baby hairs around the scalp forehead and side of the temples.

Most of the clothing I've put on Easton are 6 month size. Being a large doll it might even be able to wear 9 month size. There are so many cute little baby boy clothing and will be so much fun to buy for.

If you would like additional pictures let me know. I have many pictures of the dolls hands, feet and limbs.

My sale is final, no returns so is you have any questions about how the doll was painted, assembled or photographed please contact me.

The baby doll's layette will include all of the clothing shown in the pictures. Also, I create a custome Adoption Certificate with the name that new mom chooses and the name of the adopting parent. I include a care sheet with my suggestions for keeping the doll in pristine condition. The magnetic pacifier will be included. The baby rattle that the doll is holding will be included. The baby bottle is magnetized and can hold a liquid without it leaking. It does make for a sweet picture. No other props or items will be included.

Artist: Victoria Arjaev

Length: 23" (58.4 cm)

Age: Older Baby
Gender: Boy
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Painted & Rooted (Combi)
Skin Color: Dark
Race: Black / African American

This item is no longer available for sale

Adopted for $250 USD   
(approx. 250 USD)

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