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Chloe - Debbie De-Graaf

Up for adoption today is this gorgeous example of a newborn baby doll. The gorgeous reborn was created from the kit, Chloe by Debbie De-Graaf. It is a limited edition kit 108/400. I loved bringing this little angel to this amazing lifelike appearance. You will be thrilled with her realism.

A true collector quality doll.

I've used only Genesis heat set paint to baby true life-like skin tones. She was given beautiful undertones to accentuate areas of thinner skin. I have given my doll a very mottled newborn skin tone. I've worked on my little baby doll for many hours, days and weeks to make her this detailed. I gave her very subtle veining, sweet mottling, realistic painted eyebrows and many sweet details. I take so much care in creating my dolls. This little one turned out, in my opinion, sheer perfection.

I did give this doll a magnet so please do use CAUTION around any equipment or people sensitive to a strong magnet. Also, this is a quality collectible doll not meant to be a play toy for a small child. I would not recommend it for a child under the age of 12.
The doll's nose was not opened but shaded for realism instead. . I carefully hand rooted the sweetest eyelashes on this baby. They are securely glued from within. I would advise using caution when putting clothing over the doll's face. I don't recommend clothing with a small head opening as it can pull too much on the head and face. The lashes match the doll's painted hair.

I spent countless hours painting her with a delicate head of baby fine hair. I lay down layer and layer to build up depth and realism. Painted hair on a reborn baby doll is perfect for someone that likes to put lots of hats, headbands and caps on the dolls. There is no worry about the mohair matting up. The little style will always look neat and sweet. I added a layer of matt varnish to give the baby hairs a very realistic look. With the painted hair I love the effects I can get when I take my paint brush in hand. I can get very lovely swirls, crown and fine baby hairs. The brushes I use have only the very fewest bristles so I get a very fine line. Most people are so surprised when I tell them baby's hair is painted.

My home is completely smoke free. I try to include everything covering the making of my dolls. If you have any questions please contact me.
The vinyl for this baby doll is extremely soft. The little fingers are so flexible. Please be aware that the vinyl is more susceptible to heat so always keep away from heat sources.
I am always very precise with the finger and toe nails. They are very realistic looking. I use a magnifier and paint them over and over until I am happy with the result. I've used air dry gloss to finish them off. Baby's hands and feet have been blushed sweetly and each crease, fold and wrinkled has been shaded for realism. Baby has the most precious hands and feet. I love working with open fingers on the hands on my dolls. The toes on her little feet are just so precious. The doll does have some factory molded letters on the back of her neck.

My reborn was given a beautiful body perfect for her size. . Coming from Bountiful Baby it is so well made. I always choose the more expensive bodies for my dolls. The arms are 3/4 length and the legs are full length allowing for more variety in clothing. She is a tiny doll weighing 5 pounds even and is approximately 19 to 20 inches. She is so easy to dress. I would consider her more of a baby doll to rock, hold and cuddle as she does not pose as well as some dolls. Having said that, she is sheer joy to hold in your arms. . Her limbs are weighted with fine glass beads. The torso is weighted with plastic poly pellets and excellent quality fiber fill. Her head is weighted with plastic poly pellets and quality fiber fill. . Her realism is amazing when held. No sand has been used in the making of the baby doll. While her head is not overly floppy I would still recommend supporting it when picking her and setting her down. Baby can wear newborn clothing. I DO NOT UNDERSTUFF MY DOLLS AS I DO NOT LIKE THE BEAN BAG EFFECT. SHE IS A STURDY BABY DOLL.

PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW MY REBORN DOLL WAS PAINTED, PHOTOGRAPHED OR ASSEMBLED PLEASE EMAIL ME. (all items used in creating baby are first quality. With all the time and effort I put into one of my baby dolls I will not use any seconds)


My baby doll's layette will include all of the clothing she is seen wearing in the pictures.

The COA 108/400.
I include a lovely custom Certificate of Adoption with the name you choose for the baby and the name of the adopting parent.
My personal care sheet to help you keep your doll in pristine condition.

No other props or items will be included. (I usually do include an extra little outfit of my choice for my babies.

• I do not accept returns for my babies. I pour my heart into each and every baby I create. I constantly study up on techniques to try to make my little babies as realistic as possible. I take many pictures and close-ups so you can see what you are getting. I truly give my all and love creating these babies. I want every person who purchases one of my babies to feel they got a wonderful baby and to be very happy with them. I truly hope they bring a smile to your face the way they do to mine.

Artist: Victoria Arjaev

Length: 19" (48.2 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Painted
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: White / Caucasian

This item is no longer available for sale

Adopted for $150 USD   
(approx. $150 USD)

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  Victoria F Arjaev
Lullaby Babies Nursery
Estero, Florida


6.8 years on Reborns
34 orders sold

55 babies

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