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Priddy Ruffled Boutique
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My name is Amanda and I am the artist behind the lovely reborn dolls and crafts at Priddy Ruffled Boutique. I discovered and fell in love with reborns while creating and selling photography props. I was hooked after completing my first doll. I put lots of time and love into creating each one. I use Miracle Blend air dry paints, sealer and varnish to create the realistic skin tones and details. Each doll features multiple layers of mottling, shading, veining and fine details. Inside each doll is ultra fine glass beads, new, clean polyfill and a magnet behind the mouth. Please see description of each doll to see what extras will be included, i.e. outfit, hospital bracelet, headband, pacifier, blanket, toy. I am always happy to answer any questions regarding my dolls!

17 " (43.1 cm)