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Debbie Linzey
Debbies Doll Nursery


8.2 months on Reborns

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My name is Debbie Linzey, the artist at Debbies Doll Nursery. I am the mother of two beautiful grown daughters and I have 5 sweet grandchildren including a newborn. I have been a doll collector most of my life and discovered reborns in 2015. 2016 I started my journey into the art. Every baby is made with love and only premium reborn supplies and materials. All my babies are weighted with fine glass beads in their limbs, body and head. I take great pride in my work and I look forward to them having a home to be loved. The limbs are soft vinyl. They are filled with glass media beads that are really tiny. The glass gives weight and mimics bone. I use proper glass media for reborning. The body is doe suede material and has an enclosed vinyl glove or stocking filled with glass with pollyfill all around it...that gives weight and a realistic feel when holding. The head also has a stocking with glass and poly fill. The ‘weight’ is put towards the front of the head to make the head ‘flop’ forward like a real baby. I micro root with a 42 gauge needle so the holes are tiny, 1-3 strand of mohair per hole so that the hair doesn’t look ‘pluggy’. I use waterproof glue on the inside to keep the hair in place. You can use a baby brush or soft toothbrush to brush. I use baby detangler spray or a mix of fabric softener and water in a spray bottle to dampen the hair before brushing. I let my paint ‘cure’ for a week before sealing and it’s very durable and has no shine except where I put a gloss ...ears,lips, eyes(for a moist look), and nails. When I make a baby I make it as I’m making for myself. A lot of time and love goes into them. I am a doll lover, collector and proud to say artist. I continue to learn on my techniques to expand my skills. I make my babies with hopes that they will be loved and collectors items for a long time.

18 " (45.7 cm)

Adopted for $250.00 USD

19 " (48.2 cm)

$250.00 USD

18 " (45.7 cm)

Adopted for $250.00 USD

Jennie Vampire
19 " (48.2 cm)

$185.00 USD

21 " (53.3 cm)

Adopted for $230.00 USD

Sweet Pea
23 " (58.4 cm)

Adopted for $230.00 USD