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Sokai Nursery

Infants (2)
My name is Joann Casillas and I am the reborn artist of all the babies on Sokai Nursery. I was born and raised in New York and about a decade ago moved to the beautiful State of North Carolina with my husband and four children.
I have always pursued some sort of craft form. I enjoy creating things from the thought process to finish product and sharing such ideas and products with others. Crafting has always allowed me to think outside the box giving me mental and physical satisfaction. However, I seemed to be craving more artistic hobbies or crafting projects; It drove me nuts, which in turn drove my husband of 25 years and my four beautiful children crazy.
I discovered Reborn dolls back in 2015 when my beautiful grand daughter Sophia was born. I saw a reborn doll that looked just like her and fell in love. Seeing the realism of the Reborn industry made me realize that I wanted to pursue this art form. No hobby or craft project has ever satisfied my creative need more than reborning. I am constantly striving for perfection and use my grandchildren Sophia, Kai and Blaine as well as others for inspiration. I absolutely love, love, love the artf orm. In turn I created Sokai Nursery by combining my grand daughter Sophia’s and my grandson Kai’s name.

Doll Celeste
21 " (53.3 cm)

$200.00 USD

Baby Bella
17½ " (44.4 cm)

$349.99 USD