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Sandys Reborn Nursery
Infants (1)
Sandys Reborn Nursery is a joint effort between my husband and myself. I do all the reborning and he will be creating the jewelry for each one. I create quality reborn at affordable price. My husband handles the shipping of each baby. They are hand painted with many layers of genesis heat set paints consisting of doing the veins mottling flesh layers blushing washes creases shading milia stork bites. I use glass beads for weighing poly-fill for each one. Each reborn has either has painted rooted hair and some may be bald. The painted hair has been glued and sealed on the inside of the head. A painted head baby will last a life time. The lashes are rooted and the brows are painted. Each reborn has a scent wafer inside and feels like a real baby and smells like one too. All of my materials I use are high quality so I can make he best low price babies for you.
I don't sell on any other site because of all of the scammers out there.

18 " (45.7 cm)
Sandra Vance

$285.00 USD