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Karolina Blixt
Nordic Light Artdolls
Stockholm, H├Ągersten   (Sweden)


17 days on Reborns


Reborn baby doll (1)
Reborn baby girl (1)


I am a Swedish painter, doll maker and artist who entered the exciting and wonderful art of reborning about a year ago. It quickly became a passion of mine and is now a place of great joy, creativity and contemplation for me, rewarding in many ways.

For me it really started when I bought a used and very much loved second hand doll at a flea market in Stockholm. I did my research and got started with the process of painting, curious to see how lifelike I could make the doll. I did full surgery on the poor thing, exchanged the eyes for beautiful mouth blown glass ones and also changed the body, rooted her hair and... the result baffled me! I began to look for my first new artist made vinyl kit to paint. The rest is history... :)

All my dolls are painted with air dry paints and I have spent a lot of time working with and trying out different methods and mixtures to create the same durability as the Genesis heat set paints. I have also worked a lot with finding the ultimate sealing and matting materials exclusively for the air dry paint process.

I truly enjoy the reborning process and find myself having a new different creative journey with each and every new blank kit that I have in front of me, ready to come to life. Reborning is really a very special artform to me and each and every doll is a personalized artwork that I put a lot of love and care in to.

21 " (53.3 cm)
Nordic Light Art Dolls

$341.30 USD

21 " (53.3 cm)
Nordic Light Art Dolls