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Kathy’s Tiny Miracles Nursery

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I love what I do and I’m more then passionate about it!!! If I could do this in my sleep I would! Reborning found me, and I’m so blessed that it did! I was trying to order two babies to gift to my younger daughters for Christmas only to be scammed! Then I tried finding an artist only to be taken advantage of! That’s the day I decided I was going to start reborning. Well my first ever real born was my daughters birthday present 18 month old Tibby that had to completely redone! Let’s just say the pictures on her listing did not match her appearance in person. With very little time and the seller not responding back to my concerns I dived in!, and I’m glad I did! She turned out perfect! I’ve always loved and been good at art such as painting and drawing but on paper. Vinyl and silicone was a whole new ball game for me but I was up for the challenge!! I wanted to be able to provide beautiful babies at a realistic and affordable price that was fair! I was tired of people taking advantage of me and I was sick when I was scammed! I kept seeing it happen over and over to other people on Facebook. I decided this art was made for me! Not only do I love what I do everyday! And sometimes all night lol! But now I am able to provide honest work to honest hardworking people that’s priced right and realistic! You can check out my Facebook group age and business age to see more examples of my work, join and enter raffles, give aways, ect... we have a great group of people and I seriously couldn’t be happier about that then I am right now! I would love to add you you in and I look forward to working with you! Also if my babies are not your cup of tea, that’s okay! I won’t take offense to that! I know a handful of artist like myself that I can refer you to their page as well. And you may already find them when you join my nursery on Facebook. I know trust needs to be earned and I know exactly why! Trust me when I say I’m working hard to do just that! I truly care!, I truly want these scammers and artist who take advantage of people like I was! I hope to eat. Your trust very soon! I want to provide beautiful work to everyone who’s interested without being pushed into it. I will never beg or push a person into buying my work. I’m simply here because I believe in why I am here and I love what I do!! Hope you enjoy the babies I post and hope I am lucky enough to get work with you! I look forward to it! I also do custom orders and just like all the above you can find pictures in my nursery on fb! Hope to see you there!

Lou Lou
18 " (45.7 cm)

  Custom Order