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12½ inches (31¾ centimeters)

Salia is a baby that I made from limited edition kit Salia by olga Auer ,
she is wearing a little dress and a nice vintage set
special care is given to the details. My babies are painted with genesis paint.
They are ballasted with glass beads, polly pellets and soft fiber.
All my babies are delivered carefully packaged with tracking and insured with:
-a set outfit
-cover and blanket
-birth certificate

File under: baby reborn  

Ordering Information:
shipping with tracking and assurance

€260.00 EUR   (approx. 260.00 EUR)

United States        €55.00 EUR       (€55.00 EUR)    tracking with assurance
United Kingdom        €35.00 EUR       (€35.00 EUR)    tracking with assurance
Europe        €35.00 EUR       (€35.00 EUR)    tracking with assurance
Australia        €55.00 EUR       (€55.00 EUR)    tracking with assurance
Canada        €55.00 EUR       (€55.00 EUR)    tracking with assurance
Russia        €55.00 EUR       (€55.00 EUR)    tracking with assurance
South America        €55.00 EUR       (€55.00 EUR)    tracking with assurance
FRANCE        €19.00 EUR       (€19.00 EUR)    suivi avec assurance
Rest of the WorldBased on location

Shipping with tracking and assurance

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