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Sheri Gonzales
Lebanon, Missouri


16 days on Reborns


Infants (4)


Wendy Awake by Wendy Dickison. Realborn James Asleep by bountiful baby.

New to my nursery Macey Asleep by Bountiful Baby Or baby Hannah is ready for her family.

My name is Sheri Gonzales. I am a artist for "Heavenly Kisses" nursery. These dolls are amazing. To some they are collectable to others they are a playmate. I have seen how they comfort the elderly needing something to hold when no one is there and how they fill a missing place inside a woman who deeply desires her own child or is hurting so bad because of loosing that baby. These are not just dolls, they are a big blessing to many.
I am blessed to be a wife, mom and ma-maw and have a wonderful family that I am proud of. My husband and I are very committed to our faith in Christ and active in our church in music ministry. Reborning is very rewarding and I am looking forward to sharing my dolls with you and your family.

All my dolls are ready to ship! If they are posted, they need a new home. All babies have cloth bodies. The Realborn dolls are made of a high quality vinyl and all the paints used to accomplish such an amazing finish are Genesis Heat Set Paints. The body is filled with a mixture of Soft Poly fill and Tiny glass weighted beads giving the baby doll a life size feel. You will need to use special care when picking up these little babies by supporting their little heads just as you would a newborn. This makes it feel so incredibly realistic. Baby powder scent packs are placed within the body for a long lasting sweet smell. So many details go into making these dolls it still amazes me. I sincerely hope you will trust me with your first or next Realborn baby. I will take special orders and do my best to give you the doll of your dreams with some restrictions. This will require a small non- refundable deposit. I'll be glad to layaway your babydoll until it is paid in full but no refunds will be given back once you start you plan. If you need to make a few payments, thats fine, payment arrangements are available but no shipping until the order is paid in full. No refunds or exchanges of any kind. Look over pictures well. These dolls are not flawless and I want you to be proud of your purchase.

21 " (53.3 cm)
Sheri Gonzales

$300.00 USD

17½ " (44.4 cm)
Sheri Gonzales

$300.00 USD

Hunter Indy
20 " (50.8 cm)
Sheri Gonzales

$175.00 USD

16½ " (41.9 cm)
Sheri Gonzales

Adopted for $300.00 USD