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Teresa Solta
Creative Side Studios
La Salle, Manitoba   (Canada)


38 days on Reborns

infants (3)


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Teresa. I have been reborning since2019 and opened Creative Side Studios in 2020.

Reborning is more than a hobby to me. A few years ago, after the passing of my teenage daughter I became very depressed. As I looked for ways to bring back enjoyment into my life, as well as a sense of purpose, I discovered the reborn community. I have always loved babies, and I instantly knew this was the door out of depression for me. It brings me great joy and a true sense of purpose.

I fall in love with each doll I create, and I pass them on to their forever homes, with love.

19 " (48.2 cm)
Teresa/Creative Side Stud

$450.00 USD

19 " (48.2 cm)
Teresa Solta/Creative Sid

$400.00 USD

19½ " (49.5 cm)
Teresa Solta/Creative Sid

$300.00 USD