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Corina Biermaas
True Heart Nursery
House Springs, Missouri


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"Reborns are true works of art that do not hang on your walls, but are held in your arms, and truly capture your heart" - Corina Biermaas

Welcome to True Heart Nursery where high quality, one of a kind, true to life, vinyl Reborn dolls are divinely inspired, and made from my heart for yours!

The Process:
Each reborn starts out as a blank vinyl canvas that then, is masterfully painted and detailed using many thin layers of premium genesis heat set or air dry paints, or a combination thereof to achieve the perfect balance of veining, undertones, over all complexion, and fine details. Each baby is sealed and UVLS protected to ensure with proper care, their fine details last a life time. Their hair can be painted, rooted or also a combination thereof (combi). The full process takes 40 - 80+ loving hours to complete. Their bodies are doe suede, weighted, scented, and cuddly to feel like a real baby in your arms. Each one is magnetize for a pacifier and a hair bow.

The Box Opening!
Baby will arrive wrapped in a blanket that is tied with a bow so you can "unwrap" your new precious little one! Each baby comes home with the blanket they are wrapped in, an outfit, sleeper, a pacifier (modified or honybug/magnetic), hairbow (girls), sculptor COA (where applicable,) Nursery COA/Birth Certificate, and Care Instructions. There is even a surprise or two, to make your box opening experience extra special!

Please note:
Magnets may interfere with pacemakers and can be removed upon request
Properly weighted Reborns contain glass beads and are not intended for young children
All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.
Please ask for additional photos before purchase if needed!

Payment plans available!

About Me:
I am the sole artist. I originally got into reborning in 2017 because I had a doll purchase go way wrong. I’m an “all in” kind of personality, I literally can’t do something part way or small scale so I spent my whole first year researching and comparing paint, supplies, and techniques. I also inadvertently began to learn about all the therapeutic benefits reborns have for people with all kinds of mental and physical health issues. Let me be really clear in saying I am not giving any medical advice, but what started out as a hobby for myself has absolutely grown into a genuine, heart felt desire, to touch the lives of others through it. I humbly, thank God for the gift of this art form, His divine inspiration, and the opportunity to share it with you.

I am happy to answer any questions, please email me at

Thank you for your interest and support, it truly touches my heart!

17½ " (44.4 cm)
Corina Biermaas

$750.00 USD

Elizabeth & Evelyn
19 " (48.2 cm)
Corina Biermaas

$1097.00 USD

19 " (48.2 cm)
Corina Biermaas

$697.00 USD

21 " (53.3 cm)
Corina Biermaas

$547.00 USD

19 " (48.2 cm)
Corina Biermaas