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Tiffany Arms
Itty Bitty Pumpkin Reborn Nursery
Burton, Michigan


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My name is Tiffany and I am the artist of Itty Bitty Pumpkin Reborn Nursery. I live in Michigan where most of the time the weather is cold so finding something I can do all year round in reborns is very fun! I started reborning in January of 2020 but prior to beginning, I did 2 years of research gathering a supply list and gaining knowledge. I have always loved babies and dolls so reborning just fits so perfectly and I enjoy every minute I get to do it!

All supplies used to create your beautiful little baby are premium materials! All my reborns are painted with genesis heat set paints and filled with glass beads and premium polyfil. All my babies go home with special box openings that I specifically choose for each individual baby!

I mostly work with customs so contact me to discuss a custom! I absolutely love reborning and hope you see that in my work! Thank you for visiting my nursery and I hope you find your sweet little Miss or Mister ❤️

Twin A
17 " (43.1 cm)
Tiffany Arms

$650 USD

23 " (58.4 cm)
Tiffany Arms

$700 USD

20 " (50.8 cm)
Tiffany Arms

$800 USD - Custom Order

23 " (58.4 cm)
Tiffany Arms

$800 USD