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Heather A Byrne
Heathah B's 123
Raymond, New Hampshire


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My name is Heather. I am a single mom of 2 older boys,23 and 17. They are the loves of my life ? And due to being almost 45yr old,and them doing their own thing,Empty Nest Syndrome started setting in, lol and my childhood LOVE for babies took over the SECOND I saw the Reborns site! So a handful
of Reborns later, my kids and neighbors thought id lost my mind?
I am the caretaker of an older brother (whom suffers from a Brain Injury stemming from a childhood accident) and when our mom passed, he needed some extra TLC, and well, he hasnt left my side sinceā¤ I was left my job, and was able to work under the State that we reside in, thru a Home Care Facility, which allows me to be with him most of the day, and have some income.
He has held every single one of my Reborns?, and smiled everytime, talking about how "he would've made a Good Father". So super sweeeet!!!?
With that said, sadly I am selling most of my Reborns. And its breaking my heart..I'm starting with one, and go from there... lol. It's hard parting with them,for they have been nice to unwrap and cuddle when I needed that..that "little bittah lovvve"? I just don't have ANY time to spend with them,and im afraid in time, despite having them carefully put away,according the of the "Reborn Rule of Thumb" that something will happen to them...

I only dressed them in a handful of different outfits to take some SUPER CUTE pictures...
Please feel free to ask any and all questions!

Artist: Artist Unknown
20" (50.8 cm)   COA N/A


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