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     Jennifer Day
United States

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Jennifer's review of Mary Hammelman (Mary’s Pre-Loved Babies ) Jan 31, 2024
Seller was wonderful! She has great communication and he was delivered quickly! This baby is absolutely adorable! Great box opening too!
Reply from Mary Hammelman Jan 31, 2024

Thank you, Jennifer! I really appreciate that! It was great doing business with you. I hope you enjoy little Diego.🩷

Jan 26, 2024

Jennifer's review of Celeste Gignac (BM Bailey's PreLoved Babies) Jan 24, 2024
Seller was wonderful! She has great communication and got the doll out right away! He’s adorable and he came with a great box opening!

Jan 20, 2024

Jennifer's review of Charlotte Bakker (Charlotte's reborn loft) Jan 23, 2024
Seller was wonderful! She got right back to me after I bought him and had great communication the whole time! The doll was sent out the same day and I was notified right away with a tracking number!
Reply from Charlotte BakkerJan 23, 2024

Thx so much 😊 You will receive him soon Hugs 🤗 Charlotte 🌸❤️🌺

Jan 23, 2024

Jennifer's review of Jennifer Granado (Allmyloverebornnursery/Reborns by Jen) Jan 22, 2024
Seller was wonderful! I received the baby quickly and he’s adorable! Great communication as well!

Jan 17, 2024

Jennifer's review of Kristy Yaukey (Kristy's Kisses and Cuddles Reborns ) Jan 8, 2024
I would give more stars if I could! Seller was amazing and so is the baby! He is absolutely perfect! The box opening came with new clothes and goodies! I will be buying from this seller in the future!
Reply from Kristy YaukeyJan 8, 2024

Oh my gosh, thank you!! I'm so happy he has a loving home, thank you again!!

Jan 4, 2024

Jennifer's review of Samantha Ewan (Samantha’s Royal Nursery ) Jan 7, 2024
The doll is precious and the delivery went very well!

Dec 30, 2023

Jennifer's review of Audrey Smith (Little Apple Stork ) Dec 29, 2023
Seller is a great communicator! The doll was sent out the very next day with a great box opening!!

Dec 26, 2023

Jennifer's review of Jayd Green (The Reborn Mom Next Door) Dec 29, 2023
Seller was great! She got the baby packaged and sent out quickly! It was the week of Christmas and the doll still came very fast and with a great box opening!

Dec 22, 2023

Jennifer's review of Sherri Campbell (CAMPBELL CUTIES) Dec 20, 2023
Seller was wonderful! The baby was packaged up and sent out the same day that I bought her! The baby came with lots of clothes and a new Christmas outfit! I received her today, and she is beautiful!
Pearl Awake

Dec 15, 2023

Jennifer's review of caryn toltzien (Little Beaner Nursery) Dec 18, 2023
Seller was wonderful! I had received a message shortly after purchasing this doll and the doll was packaged and sent out that day. I received the baby today and he is beautiful!

Dec 15, 2023