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     Sunny Jones
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Sunny's review of Yoshiko Cox/Nadia Kat (Make Believe Baby) Apr 24, 2024
Excellent representation of a darker skin tone. I really like how you capture the variations of pigmentation for African complexions. Thank you for affordable prices. You are appreciated.🥰

Mar 21, 2024

Sunny's review of Yoshiko Cox/Nadia Kat (Make Believe Baby) Apr 23, 2024
Most realistic dark chocolate reborn. a man inches away thought she is real. glad i found Yoshiko's shop.🥰

Mar 15, 2024

Sunny's review of Angie Erickson (BUCKINGHAM BABIES BY ANGIE) Mar 26, 2024
Angie, TU for the ADORABLE biracial baby. skin tone,blushing,veining r remarkable. Her mohair is SO soft. excellent rooting/love the ponytails. Clean,new,nicely weighted,ultra-soft vinyl. Wow!🥰
Reply from Angie Erickson Mar 26, 2024

🦋Thanks Lori for your kind review !!! I am so happy that you’re pleased and appreciate you taking your time to write me a review!🙏TY!!!
Baylee Or Benny

Mar 19, 2024

Sunny's review of Angela Sengenberger (Crystal moon babies ) Mar 10, 2024
Rooting very nice. Soft hair. Paint work realistic. Weight is perfect. Feels like holding & looking at a real, adorable baby to cuddle. Fast shipping/nice seller. Cute clothing Thank you 🌸🌻😊
Reply from Angela SengenbergerMar 11, 2024

So glad you like her. 🥰

Mar 2, 2024

Sunny's review of Caroline Jones (Near and Far Nursery) Mar 1, 2024
Caroline, thank you so much for this creative, magical, fun-filled Strawberry Shortcake doll! I am all smiles from ear to ear, ever time I look at & hold her. Thank you for sharing your talent😊🍄🌸
Strawberry Shortcake

Feb 4, 2024

Sunny's review of Ruge C Creations (Papu Nursery) Feb 24, 2024
Honest seller & very nice. 2nd doll from her. very happy with the doll. clean, painted well, & nice box opening. received within days of placing order. Doll looks just like the picture. Thank you🥰🍄

Feb 20, 2024

Sunny's review of Sara Zemla (Sara's Woodland Babies) Feb 22, 2024
Very nice adoption with Sara. Love the head size, like a toddler. super cute Dumbo outfit. clean and smells nice. Looks like I am holding a real baby on my hip. shipped & received fast. Thank you🥰🍄
Reply from Sara Zemla Feb 26, 2024

Thank you so my for the wonderful review! I'm glad you love your baby❤️

Jan 31, 2024

Sunny's review of Robin Coffin (Stardust Nursery Reborn Dolls) Feb 20, 2024
100% honest listing. No important details left out. Feels & looks like a real baby. Smells good. Ship/received within 2 1/2 business days. I want to hold & take her everywhere. Robin, thank you😊🍄🌸

Feb 16, 2024

Sunny's review of Crystal Prenkert (Heaven's Blessings ) Feb 1, 2024
Crystal is very kind. We had a nice chat. Felicia has been amazingly reborn. Her soft baby blue eyes, creamy newborn tones & curly blonde hair are more than adorably. Thank you. So glad we met😊🌈🌸

Jan 2, 2024

Sunny's review of Margaret Schmitz (Treasured reborn and silicone dolls) Jan 12, 2024
Such a little cutie. Very happy to adopt her. Seller is very nice. Received doll within days of purchase. Came with box opening. Very clean and smells nice. Thank you Margaret 🥰

Jan 5, 2024

Sunny's review of Margaret Schmitz (Treasured reborn and silicone dolls) Dec 10, 2023
Double thank you for sharing your super cute blue-eyed Crystal. 🥰 I am so happy with her. Doll & clothes smell good. In great condition.

Oct 12, 2023

Sunny's review of Shana Skoglund (Lil doe Lane) Dec 9, 2023
Shana, thank you much 4 the super cute baby doll. I received the package 3 days after shipping. The doll & clothing smells so good. It is fun to hold & dress up. 🥰 TU for the cute box opening🍄

Dec 5, 2023

Sunny's review of Lana Niemi (Neche Nursery) Nov 12, 2023
LOVE!!! this doll. Even cuter than the pictures. Hair is SO SOFT!!! Happy that I found this nursery. Doll is adorable & fun to hold.🥰🌻🍄 thank you 🌸
Reply from Lana NiemiNov 12, 2023

Amazing transaction with this customer. Looking forward to doing business with them again. I love it when my customers are so happy with their babies. You're most welcome. Enjoy your new little one

Oct 6, 2023

Sunny's review of Ana Paulson (Mi Amor Reborn Nursery) Nov 12, 2023
Very happy that I found Ana's nursery. She was very responsive to emails. The doll was shipped & received within days; exactly as listed. Smells wonderful. thank you kindly for this pretty doll. 🥰
Reply from Ana PaulsonNov 12, 2023

Thank you Sunny for such a kind review! 😊 I am so pleased that you are happy with your sweet little baby doll.

Oct 27, 2023