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     Sarah Thigpen
Mississippi, United States

17 Reviews  (5 Star)

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3.8 years on Reborns


Sarah's review of Tamika Black (Sweet Lavender Reborn Nursery) Jan 23, 2024
Tamika is very honest about her work I love that she made sure I knew about his flaws but honestly speaking when I seen him to me HE HAS NO FLAWS AT ALL Tamika you're doing an AMAZING job thank you

Jan 16, 2024

Sarah's review of Tamika Black (Sweet Lavender Reborn Nursery) Jan 23, 2024
Tamika is very kind and replies back quickly which made my purchase even easier The doll is in FANTASTIC condition as if newly made I HIGHLY RECOMMAND Tamika if you want a well kept pre-owned baby.

Jan 16, 2024

Sarah's review of Kelly Rogers (MommyAndMeNursery) Nov 28, 2022
Kelly is amazingly understanding helpful and kind She went to great heights to ensure my happiness and satisfaction with my bundle of joy I highly recommend Kelly's service one I'll never forget.

Nov 7, 2022

Sarah's review of Madeline Rogers (Reborn Dolls by Maddy) Nov 7, 2022
You will not regret adopting babies from Madeline This baby is Amazing The box opening was the box that kept on giving so many Beautiful clothing shoes bows hair care kit etc. I HIGHLY RECOMMAND HER

Nov 3, 2022

Sarah's review of Mary DeVantier (Mary DeVantier) Nov 7, 2022
Mary is so amazing and very thoughtful She answer every question with kindness Very helpful Shipping was fast Baby was as described I HIGHLY RECCOMEND MARY I'll adopt more babies from her

Oct 26, 2022

Sarah's review of Amy Humber (Amy Humber) Nov 1, 2022
Amy is super kind thoughtful and has amazing customer service Very helpful in so many ways Thanks A Million Amy for this amazingly beautiful baby I recommend Amy to all who love beautiful babies 🥰
Quinlyn-1st split payment

Oct 26, 2022

Sarah's review of Amy Phipps Williams (Dazzling Reborns by Amy ) Feb 8, 2022
Amy is amazing her craft is outstanding with incredible service & box opening 1 of her babies will have you hooked on her nursery the rooting is perfectly even Amy talent is a force to be reckon with
Nailah Deposit

Sep 29, 2021

Sarah's review of Mariah Jones (Mariah Diane's Nursery) Jan 31, 2022
Recommend: For these babies to be preowned they were very well kept and in excellent condition. Their description stated was true and accurate. The seller was very nice and communicative.
Reply from Mariah JonesJan 31, 2022

Thank you Sarah, I am so glad they are in good hands. Keep in touch!
Summer Rain Twins

Jan 21, 2022

Sarah's review of Amy Phipps Williams (Dazzling Reborns by Amy ) Jan 31, 2022
HIGHLY RECOMMEND Amy's craft will blow your mind Amazing details color shading & rooting your expectations will be overly met Not enough space to tell but you won't regret adopting to see for yourself

Sep 24, 2021

Sarah's review of Cynthia Ritter (Bumkins & Pumkins) Jan 17, 2022
If you want TLC during a costume order, contact Cynthia!!! She's trustworthy, communicative, informative, & if you can't explain what's inside your head, she somehow can see it & bring it to life.
Half Pint

Jan 11, 2022

Sarah's review of Victoria Jackson (OverTheRainbow Reborn Nursery) Dec 25, 2021
OMG Highly RECOMMENDING Friendly & Trustworthy service from Victoria there’s NO words to explain how AMAZING her work & service is you MUST adopt to see ALL the beauty in hand OMG HALLELUJAH

Nov 30, 2021

Sarah's review of Migdalia Willprecht (Migdalia Willprecht ) Dec 22, 2021
She’s amazingly sweet quick reply and answered all questions kindly. Very well kept doll, her description you can highly trust. As a buyer I appreciate GREAT service. I’d buy again, highly recommend.
Lily Beth

Dec 17, 2021

Sarah's review of Joyce woods (Just a mom and her daughter's nursery shop) Dec 4, 2021
This little lady is super cute and fun to have. I would buy again from Joyce and I’d recommend her service.

Jan 22, 2021

Sarah's review of Susie James (A Castle In The Sky Reborns) Dec 4, 2021
Love at 1st sight. She was a MUST have I love everything about her. She’s my very 1st reborn that started my journey. I’m excited to have her. Susie is great and I recommend her service.

Aug 27, 2020

Sarah's review of Cynthia Ritter (Bumkins & Pumkins) Dec 4, 2021
Super cute. He’s my first boy and I can’t get enough of holding him. Cynthia answered my questions and was nice. I’m so pleased with having him that I’ve requested halfpint. I Can’t wait to get him.

Apr 13, 2021

Sarah's review of Lisa C (My Personal Babies) Dec 4, 2021
This baby is a joy to have. Can easily be a boy or girl. Lisa has great customer service and she’s amazing. I would buy from her again and I’d recommend her to all who buy or collect reborns.

Nov 18, 2021

Sarah's review of Lisa C (My Personal Babies) Dec 4, 2021
Absolutely adorable, she’s even more beautiful in hands. Pictures doesn’t show just how amazing she is. I’m so blessed to have her. The seller was nice, very informative and replied to my questions.

Nov 18, 2021