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I have been making Reborn Dolls since 2010.
I strive for extreme realism in all of my babies. I use only the finest materials when making each and every baby. I take pride in all of my babies and work tirelessly to make sure each one is perfect and finds a good home! Many hours are spent making each one; sometimes just rooting a doll can take up to 40 hours. I believe that my prices are very reasonable and fair! I use Genesis Heat Set paints in many, many thin layers to get the desired effect of translucent skin. When assembling my babies I use a very high quality non-clumping fiber fill inside the body, I also use glass beads for added weight (no sand will ever be found in any of my babies). When rooting my babies I only use the highest quality mohair and root it with a 42 gauge German needle, this allows for only one or two hairs at a time. After the rooting has been done I then seal the hair on the inside to insure that his or her new mommy can comb and style baby's hair without worrying about any coming out.

17 " (43.1 cm)

$250.00 USD

Prototype Jaylan
22 " (55.8 cm)

$950.00 USD