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Erin Harbaugh
Erin Harbaugh
North Carolina


4 years on Reborns

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Hello and thank you for taking a peek at my highly collectable reborn dolls and gently, preloved reborn babies. I hope you will fall in love with a sweet little one who captures your heart! You may be wondering why I have made a distinction between reborn dolls and reborn babies--The dolls have been kept behind glass and only handled for the purpose of changing an outfit; whereas, the babies have been handled more frequently, still with care, in a nursery setting. Please note,though, none of them have been handled by children or used in a public setting for therapy. (My dolls/babies come from a smoke free, service dog friendly home.)I fell in love with reborns shortly after the birth of our son in 2012. I suffered from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety,rendering me unable to bond with our precious baby boy. During my hospitalization, one of my therapists suggested the purchase of a reborn doll, as a means of cuddle therapy. The reborn helped easy my anxiety and insecurities of failing in my role of becoming a new mama. Over time, as I am sure some of you can attest, one reborn became MANY reborns! Sady, I developed a rare neurological condition and was forced to retire from teaching (Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students). I have continued to collect babies, here and there, but I am really trying to get my collection down to only a few. The money helps greatly with the constant flow of medical bills. As they say, my loss is your gain! Please do not hesitate to message me with any questions you may have--I am more than willing to assist! Thank you kindly and God Bless. Warmest Regards--erin xxoo

Princess Charlotte
24 " (60.9 cm)
Le Ruban Rose Nursery

$1800 USD

Landon Awake
21 " (53.3 cm)
Tiny Gifts Nursery


24 " (60.9 cm)
Unpainted Kit


20 " (50.8 cm)
Dove's Nursery


20 " (50.8 cm)
Oliver Branch Nursery