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Oksana Shomeva
Oksana Shomeva Dolls
Sofia, Bulgaria   (Bulgaria)
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Welcome to my nursery!
My name is Oksana Shomeva, I am Ukrainian! I have a great family of artists. and now it's my time and my children! I started my birth journey more than 5 years ago. Honestly, at the beginning of my career I was not doing very well! But I am grateful for the support of people on my path, who did not let me give up and continue to develop!
Now my life has changed dramatically, because I had to leave everything and save my children and my family from the war! Now I'm in the status of ... I don't know ... a refugee ... a temporary shelter ... I don't know.
I know only one thing - the revival of dolls saves me morally, because I love to do it, and also helps me live on! My youngest daughter already dreams of learning and continuing my work!
Thank you for reading to the end! Thank you for your support!
I really hope you enjoy my work!

Tutti kit
23½" (59.6 cm)

$577.50 USD

23" (58.4 cm)

$420.00 USD

Missy kit2
23" (58.4 cm)

$420.00 USD

Missy kit
23" (58.4 cm)

$420.00 USD

Mia kit
19" (48.2 cm)

$183.70 USD

20" (50.8 cm)

  $1165.40 USD

20" (50.8 cm)


22" (55.8 cm)

  $1165.40 USD

19" (48.2 cm)

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