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21-23 Body

Reborn Doe Suede cloth 21-23” Jointed Body for 3/4 limbs. Condition is "New".

Adorable body. Strong yet ultra soft fabric. Has cute gathers in chest and tush.
Measures about 9.5-10” from neck to crotch. The exact measurement depends on precisely where it is measured as well as whether the body is stuffed or unstuffed at the time of measurement).

Perfect for large baby or smaller toddler doll.

Really nice quality. I use it on all my smaller toddler dolls but have a huge supply so I will share some with you.

Depending on the types of limbs you use, this body will work for a doll that will measure about 21-23”

You will need to supply your own polyfil, weighting materials, zip ties and doll kit
I have a large supply, so if you would like to purchase more than one, let me know

Artist: susanne oeren

Length: 9½" (24.1 cm)

Body Material: Cloth
Arms: 3/4 Length
Legs: 3/4 Length
Smoke Free Environment: Yes
Pet Free Environment: No

File under: Reborn   body   doe suede   jointed   3/4 limbs  

Ordering Information:
Please note that if you are ordering from Norway, the NOK price shown includes sales tax. Buyers from other countries besides Norway will be responsible to pay any fees/taxes your country may charge, when the doll arrives. I do not know what they are, and do not collect for them.
I'M SORRY, BUT I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS unless you were sent the wrong doll by accident. Cancellations can only be accepted within 24 hours of purchase. Please read my detailed descriptions and look at the photos. If there are still questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I try to respond in a timely manner.

I package dolls carefully, covering all exposed vinyl with bubble wrap, then I wrap whole doll in gift tissue wrap and enclose it in a plastic bag to prevent any moisture damage during shipping. The doll is then placed in a sturdy shipping box.
Additional services such as signature or express delivery may be requested at additional charge.
International shipping: Yes, I ship free. However Any taxes or custom fees that your country may charge will be your responsibility to pay when the doll arrives.

Terms and Conditions:
Purchases are non refundable. Please inspect pictures, read description and ask questions to be sure before you buy. I am not responsible for postal delays or lost or damaged shipments. Those will need to be between buyer and postal service. I am not responsible for items stolen from your property after doll was delivered. Please make sure you have a secure place for your doll to be delivered By purchasing a Doll made and sold by Susanne Øren, aka Kinderland Dolls,you, the buyer, understand and agree to ALL the following terms and conditions regarding this art doll created by Susanne Øren, aka Kinderland Dolls,listed below. By purchasing an art doll created and sold by Susanne Øren, aka Kinderland Dolls,you, the buyer, will be held liable by the terms and conditions listed below. (ORDERING) READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE ORDERING. I ONLY SHIP TO VERIFIED ADDRESSES GIVEN ON THE PAYPAL TRANSACTION PAGE. PLEASE BE SURE IT IS CORRECT PRIOR TO PURCHASING. NO P.O. BOX SHIPPING. CUSTOMERS PURCHASING WITH A P.O. BOX OR UNVERIFIED PAYPAL ADDRESS WILL HAVE THEIR ORDER CANCELLED AND REFUNDED. PAYPAL TRANSFER FEES FOR CANCELLED AND REFUNDED PAYMENTS WILL BE PAID BY THE CUSTOMER . (PURCHASES OF COMPLETED DOLLS) By purchasing this completed art doll, you, the buyer understand and agree that art dolls created and sold by Susanne Øren, aka Kinderland Dolls, are ALL SALES FINAL. Once you, the buyer, pay for the art doll, the doll will be shipped within 1-3 business days .NO CANCELLATIONS ACCEPTED. Purchases for art dolls created and sold by Susanne Øren, aka Kinderland Dolls are NONREFUNDABLE. Art dolls purchased from Susanne Øren, aka Kinderland Dolls, are NOT RETURNABLE. Art dolls created and sold by Susanne Øren, aka Kinderland Dolls are sold AS IS. Art dolls created and sold by Susanne Øren, aka Kinderland Dolls,will have slight IMPERFECTIONS. This is normal as the doll is hand painted and not made in a factory, therefore Susanne Øren aka Kinderland Dolls, is not liable for SUBJECTIVE DISAPPOINTMENT or BUYER’S REMORSE or any implication that the doll was “not as described” or imperfect as all dolls will have slight imperfections. Although I work in a pet free, clean environment, it is possible and out of my control, that dust particles and/or tiny stray hairs may become sealed into the artwork. It is the responsibility of you, the buyer, to review photos posted of the art doll, to ask questions, and to read about the details carefully before purchasing. By purchasing an art doll created and sold by Susanne Øren, Kinderland Dolls,you, the buyer, understand that you are committing to a NONREFUNDABLE, NON-RETURNABLE, purchase of the art doll. By purchasing a doll from Susanne Øren, Kinderland Dolls, you,The biter acknowledge that all my dolls are handmade and original works of art. Therefore, Susanne Øren, Kinderland Dolls, is not responsible for buyer’s remorse nor claims filed “not as described” as all dolls will have slight imperfections and differences. All dolls are non-returnable, non-refundable, all sales final. By purchasing a custom made-doll created by Susanne Øren, Kinderland Dolls, you, the buyer, agree to and understand the Terms and Conditions stated herein. (SHIPPING AND RECEIVING) This art doll created and sold by Susanne Øren, Kinderland Dolls, is shipped insured, shipped in a sturdy box which is secured with packing tape and the doll inside protected with bubble wrap. You, the buyer, understand that by purchasing this art doll, Susanne Øren, Kinderland Dolls,, is NOT liable or responsible for lost, damaged, or stollen items. It is the responsibility of you, the buyer, to file a claim with USPS in the event of a lost, damaged, or stolen item. Susanne Øren, Kinderland Dolls is not liable to make repairs on dolls damaged during shipping. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. My prices fluctuate based on many circumstances from economic inflation to personal work availability, to collectors market value which is constantly changing. I, Andrea Wilson, am not obligated to sell a doll at any previous rates offered. The price shown at time of purchase is the current asking price for the item. (SAFETY WARNING) By purchasing an art doll created and sold by Andrea Wilson, aka Andi Pandi Reborns, you the buyer understand that Susanne Øren, Kinderland Dolls, is not liable for any injury, allergic reaction, or death resulting from the buyer’s negligence of allowing an incompetent person, child, elderly, mentally impaired, or pet to interact with the doll. Art dolls have small parts, pieces that can come loose, powder scent, fine glass beads, eyes, and small powerful magnets that can pose a choking hazard and interfere with pacemakers. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. KEEP AWAY FROM THE MENTALLY IMPAIRED. KEEP AWAY FROM THOSE WITH PACEMAKERS. KEEP AWAY FROM PETS. (MOHAIR) Art dolls created and sold by Susanne Øren, aka Kinderland Dolls are NOT under warranty. This doll is a piece of artwork, not a toy. It is highly recommended that you, the buyer, educate yourself on proper care, storage, cleaning, and handling of reborn dolls. Susanne Øren is not liable for any damages that may occur to the doll. PHOTOGRAPHS AND BUSINESS NAME. I, Susanne Øren, retain all rights to my photos, nursery name Andi Pandi Reborns, and doll listings here on and do not authorize others to use these photos without my expressed permission or impersonate me in any way here or on any other social media platform. All photos are taken with an iPhone 7+ without filters in natural light. Dolls are posed in front of a large sliding door which allows plenty of natural light, however, other devices used to view my photos may cause lighting variations which is out of my control. (SCAMMERS AND POLICY BREAKERS will be reported to Dave Stack, owner/creator of and or authorities wherein legal action will take place.) BY PURCHASING THIS ART DOLL CREATED AND SOLD BY ANDREA WILSON, ANDI PANDI REBORNS, YOU, THE BUYER AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAINED HEREIN. Return Policy: READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE PURCHASING. BY PURCHASING THIS DOLL, YOU, THE BUYER UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAINED THEREIN. ALL SALES FINAL. NO RETURNS. NO CANCELLATIONS. NO REFUNDS. ALL SALES FINAL. THIS INCLUDES PAYMENTS MADE TOWARDS A CUSTOM DOLL.

Return Policy:
You have 24 hours after purchase, to cancel your order for a full refund. After that, returns or cancellations are no longer possible unless I sent the wrong doll by mistake. Reborns are handmade art, not factory made. Every doll is unique. I photograph in natural lighting and do not use filters. However the lighting or resolution on your computer/phone screen may cause a slight difference in coloring

Worldwide    Free Shipping       

I am offering free world wide shipping. Any taxes/fees your country may charge will be your responsibility. Please note that I will ship out in a timely manner but any postal delays are out of my control

Layaway Is Not Available

Payment Accepted:

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