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Janus was created from the limited edition Janus kit by the talented sculpter Karola Wegerick. it is kit number 279 of only 333 world wide!!! Janus will come home with its certificate of authenticity. Janus is 5 pounds 2 ounces. This kit is an alternative baby. It has one head and one body but it has two faces. I have chosen to display it as a boy and a girl so will have a wardrobe for both. One side of the head has a closed eyed face with little horns and pointy ears. The other side of the head has open eyes with blue glass eyes and has pointy ears. There is a ring around the flange of the head that goes inside the body so head can be turned easily so see each face. If you pull too hard the head can come out of this ring. You can not lift it up by the head or it probably will end up coming off but can be snapped back into the ring. I have decided to portray the side with the horns as a devil or vampire baby and the side with the open eyes as a fairy like baby . I have had alot of fun with it. It will come home with a foam coffin that I have modified with fabric and straps and also made a matching blanket that has red and black on one sidee and pink with lace on the other for the boy and girl themes. I had to special order the tuxado and the knitted outfit with bonnet. Many Many hours has been spent to pick out all the accesories this baby comes with like the flower wreath and the crown. The coffin and blanket took hours to make as well as painting and rooting the kit. Please keep this in mind when you consider the price of this bundle. Layers and layers of Premium Airdry Ultimate Fushion paints was used to create this amazing living skin tone and sealed at each level for protection. Not a crease was over looked. Janus's limbs are filled with glass beads, poly pellets and fresh fiberfill. The body and head are filled with the the same mixture. No sand is used in my babies so they are safe to travel to other countries. I have given it deep blue glass eyes. Janus finger nails and toe nails have been given that fresh clipped look and sealed to prevet chipping.. The lips have been glossed to give a natural moist look. Janus's veins have been applied to appear under the skin for ultimate realism . I have left the tips of the ears and the tips of the horns unpainted. Janus has baby powder scented wafers in the body for that wonderful fresh scent that all new mommies love. Janus's hair was rooted with premium mohair from delta dawn . It was rooted in a a way that both sides of head has its own hairstyle and that the whole head from the top looks seamless. This is done with a very small needle. This takes many hours to complete such a beautiful head of hair but the realism it creates is well worth it. It is rooted with three different colors as to have some natural highlites. The hair has been double sealed inside the head but comb gently as to not pull it out.. Janus's eyebrows were hand painted on one lash at a time. The eyelashes on the open eyed side were hand applied to match the hair and the side with closed eyes was hand rooted with the same mohair as the head. All of my pictures were taken in natural daylight and none of my pictures have been altered except for cropping so you can see what baby actually looks like. If this little sweetie has stolen your heart don't let it get away because this sweetie is definately a one of a kind work of art and there will never be another one exactly like this baby. Janus will come home with only the items listed here and any items in pictures not listed here were used as my photo props and not part of the sale..Janus will come home with its 4 piece tuxudo set witht the black pants, white shirt with black bowtie on it, black and white booties,and the suit coat, a black, silver and red satin vampire cape. also coming home is the gold crown, the wreath of flowers, two crocheted neck collars one off white and one white, Janus will aslo have the monkey outfit with the sleep and play that converts to a baby gown, monkey bib and matching monkey hat. Also coming home is the strawberry set with the footed sleeper, pink onesie and matching strawberry matching hat, a white onesie, the knitted long gown with ribbons and matching bonnet with flowers, Janus will have the two white har clips a pink,a blue, and and a devil modified pacifiers, Also included is the two sided baby blanket with the red silky with black velvet fabric on one side and the pink velvety dots with white lace on the other side that is hand made by me. Janus will have the foam coffin that i painted, and lined with fabric and added fake leather straps and handles.Janus will have the newborn baby bottle with the red nipple, a preemie diaper, the certificate of authenticity ,a birth certificate , and a care instruction sheet.All clothing for this baby are brand new either bought or hand made items. Please note that anything with dark colors can transfer to the vinyl so do not put the vinyl directly on or near dark items.

Artist: Andrea wirth
Sculpture by: Karola wegerick
Kit Name: Janus

Length: 16" (40.6 cm)

Head Material: Vinyl
Body Material: Cloth
Limb Material: Vinyl
Age: Preemie
Gender: Your Choice
Arms: 3/4 Length
Legs: Full Length
Edition: Limited Edition (LE) [279/333]
Eyes: Awake
Eye Material: Glass
Lashes: Rooted
Hair: Rooted
Paint: Air Dry Paint
Weighting: Fine Glass Beads
Weighting: Poly-Pellets
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: White / Caucasian
Realborn: No
Pacifier: Included
Pacifier Type: Magnetic Pacifier
Drink and Wet: No
Smoke Free Environment: Yes
Pet Free Environment: No
Certificate Of Authenticity (COA): Yes

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