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Up for "adoption" is my version of the Realborn awake June kit from Bountiful Baby. If you are new to the world of reborn dolls you may want to check the Bountiful Baby website to learn all about a Realborn doll kit.

June is a beautifully realistic image of a real newborn baby. I have only used genesis heat set paint to bring this kit to such a lifelike appearance. I have applied layer upon layer of translucent paint to achieve beautiful blushing, mottling and many realistic details. I gave her faint veining and blue undertones in areas where babies would have thinner skin. She has barely there painted eyebrows and wispy rooted eyelashes. The rooted lashes are very wispy. They have been secured but please be careful when pulling clothing over her face. If the lashes need straitening just use a moistened cotton swab to put back into position. I gave her broken little capillaries on her cheeks and eyelids. I attended to each crease and wrinkle to make her as real looking as possible. I gave June beautiful acrylic eyes from Bountiful Baby. The doll's toe and finger nails have been carefully painted to look like a real baby manicure.

I opted to give June a magnetic pacifier. Please use caution around any persons or equipment sensitive to a strong earth magnet. My doll has NOT been created as a play toy for a small child. It should be treated as a fine collectible. Also, if you have any pets that may like to chew please use caution as the limbs of the doll contain fine glass beads.

I gave baby June a lovely head of painted hair. I've used the genesis heat set paints to achieve this realistic feature of the doll. She has a lovely pattern of baby swirls, fine hairs onto her face and forehead, and a realistic crown. It takes many hours to achieve a real looking head of painted hair. I use paint brushes with the fewest bristles and paint layer upon layer of fine hairs. I am very pleased with the end result of June's painted hair.

June is a first quality kit from Bountiful Baby and will arrive with the Certificate of Authenticity. This only comes with a true first quality kit, not a second. I fitted June with the cloth body that was recommended for her. I've weighted her limbs with fine glass beads and sealed the caps to prevent any leakage. I weighted her head with plastic poly pellets and fine quality fiber fill. Her torso has been weighted with plastic poly pellets and quality fiber fill. The weight of June is approximately five pounds. She has full length limbs which will allow for a larger variety of clothing. The limbs can be carefully moved for posing positions. Her head can be carefully turned from side to side. Please use care when dressing and undressing the doll. Do not put a lot of pressure on pulling the limbs. I will include my sheet of care instructions for keeping the baby doll in pristine condition.

Please be aware that I did not make the doll's torso very floppy. She is a firm feeling sturdy little baby and can be cuddled in your arms. She poses very easily and is easy to dress. Her layette will include all of the clothing she is seen wearing. It will include the anatomically correct tummy plate that has been painted to match her mottled limb tones. It will include her magnetic pacifier, a custom Certificate of Adoption and the Certificate of Authenticity from Bountiful Baby. She will be carefully wrapped in a receiving blanket. An extra diaper and a cloth diaper with vintage baby pins will be included.

June is a one of a kind reborn doll created by me. I create my dolls to last for many years with proper care. She has been hand crafted from bare vinyl to this amazing doll that looks so real most people think it is a real baby. I take pride in my creations. My craft has become an integral part of my life. I do not accept returns so be sure this is the doll that you want for your very own. I do list another place so if this doll appeals to you do not hesitate to make her your very own. Again, any questions, please contact me.

Artist: Victoria Arjaev
Sculpture by: Realborn
Kit Name: Awake June

Length: 19" (48.2 cm)

Head Material: Vinyl
Body Material: Cloth
Limb Material: Vinyl
Age: Newborn
Gender: Girl
Torso/Plate: Full Front Plate - Girl
Arms: Full Length
Legs: Full Length
Edition: Open Edition
Eyes: Awake
Eye Material: Acrylic
Lashes: Rooted
Hair: Painted
Paint: Genesis Heat Set Paint (GHSP)
Weighting: Fine Glass Beads
Weighting: Poly-Pellets
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: White / Caucasian
Realborn: Yes
Pacifier: Included
Pacifier Type: Magnetic Pacifier
Smoke Free Environment: Yes
Pet Free Environment: No
Certificate Of Authenticity (COA): Yes

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