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Redhead Aria
By Erin Young

17 inches (43.1 centimeters)

Here is the sweet redhead baby of your dreams.
Realborn Aria Asleep Kit by Bountiful Baby
She is a premie weighing 4lbs 6oz and is about 17” long

Please note: Realborn Aria is painted with an intentional newborn redness/caplilaries as you might see on a pale skinned freshly born preemie. This may not be everyone's preference for skin tone. Please see pics as they do clearly show this and if you prefer a less mottled skintone see my other babies.

Details include...
Genesis heatset paints and sealants used for...
Blue undertones
Multiple colors for several mottling layers
Subtle realistic veining throughout
Prominent face caplilaries and newborn mottling
Several blushing layers
Nail tips and lunulas in a REALISTIC tone (no fake French manicure look)
All creases and wrinkles subtly shaded for true-to-life realism (I do not care for the overly dark look)
Flesh tone layers (this redhead is appropriately on the pale side)
Skin texture
Matte/satin custom sealant mix
Varnish gloss to nails,lips,nostrils, eyelid line

Eyebrows are painted and textured and look very much like tiny little hairs
Eyelashes are rooted in same color as hair
Hair is painted in many MANY layers of multi-tonal color with a tiny brush strand by strand.
For a 3D look
Crown of head is micro rooted (1 strand maybe up to 3 per " follicle ") in top quality mohair.

Baby is weighted with my custom belly fat pellets and premium quality glass bead combo with incredible care to create a squishy, defined baby bum and cuddly torso. Aria includes a SILICONE belly insert for the most realism in a cloth body doll.
Premium Silk poly is used to fill in around weighting material in torso
End weight is based on length and weight and is distributed to match that of a real baby.
Reborns may seem under weight of that of a real baby but this is taking into account the “dead weight” factor. Because these are dolls they do not have the ability to support any of their own weight. A doll of 5lbs for example, will feel much heavier than a real baby of the same weight. The end result of a slightly lighter than real baby weight doll is a realistic feel.
I hold my babies for a long time to make sure they are sufficiently weighted and I measure each limb and bead sack to ensure proper distribution of weight.
Baby has a neck ring for easy posing

Baby has a strong magnet behind lips for magnetic pacifier.
(Use magnet precautions)

Exceptionally beautiful box opening will include...
1 pie white socks
1 pair newborn mittens
2 honey bug pacifiers (they are manufactured as magnetic pacifiers and have a magnet completely sealed-these are not made by me-I feel these sit best on reborns)
Rose sleeper
Elephant blanket and lovey
2 onesies
1 pair pants
2 long sleeve onesies
Additional pink baby blanket
Care instructions and some extras supplies and goodies (for customer to enjoy an element of surprise for box opening) will be included.
(Please note some items pictured are for photos only and are not included-crochet bear and gray headband,bear bonnet,pillows,pillow covers)

Baby will be lovingly packaged and will be sent to you in a “video worthy” box opening.
Even if it’s just you opening baby alone on your living room floor I want every second of it to be as special as possible.
We spend a lot of money on our babies and the excitement you feel when you first get to see your baby is one of the best parts.
I won’t let you down!

Reborns are one of a kind, Hand painted and assembled works of art and are not intended to be play dolls for children. They should be handled as you would a real newborn and care must be taken to ensure doll remains in good condition. It is extremely important to me that you are thrilled with your doll and I price my dolls based on their quality, and the products I use to create them. You will find my dolls to be of exceptional value. I make very little money considering the time each doll takes. But I enjoy this craft very much and want my dolls to be enjoyed by others. And want to keep them affordable.

All clothing is brand new. Tags have been removed for photo purposes but I never included second hand items.
Clothing should be washed prior to extended wear as dyes could transfer onto the vinyl and will stain.

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