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By Saint Cloud Nursery

16 inches (40.6 centimeters)

This is my little Mick. I bought him from Saint Cloud Nursery. I’m his first owner. He is a preemie little boy or girl. He wears preemie size clothing. He has been painted with GHSP and matte varnish. He is in immaculate condition. No shine. He was never played with. He has light/medium brown combi-hair. He has been weighted with glass beads and is on the heavier side. I don’t have an exact weight, but he is lovely to hold. He has a magnet in his head behind his mouth so he can take a magnetic pacifier. He goes home in a soft pair of pajamas, a new blanket, magnetic pacifier, extra outfit, his COA, and his birth certificate from his artist. While here at my nursery Mick has spent most of his time in a baby seat in my glass curio cabinet for protection. I received a question about this little one. He’s not AA. I would say biracial looking. His artist uses lots of color and her babies tend to be a darker hue. I have added a picture with my pale caucasian hand next to him.

File under: Preemie Mick Adrie Stoete  

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