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By jordana pickering

16 inches (40.6 centimeters)

This is my absolute favorite kit, and did not disappoint in the making!!! My first baby Darren will definitely not be my last. This baby is shorter than the suggested length at 16", as I found the longer body to look a bit off with the smaller limbs, so this baby is more compact than some versions, but now has a better look and feel. Darren is almost 4.5 pounds and is snuggly, and needs a bit of head support, but is not overly floppy. Darren fits into

Darren has been painted with many layers, and has delicately painted eyebrows, and hand rooted eyelashes and hair that is a gorgeous auburn suri alpaca. The suri is a much finer hair than mohair, so it is incredibly soft and silky feeling. It is very easy to style, but also can get frizzy if touched a lot when dry - however, it goes right back how you want it to with a soft brush and some water or conditioning spray. It is also a very delicate hair being so fine, so frequent handling by children is not recommended.

Darren has a pacifier magnet, and will come home with a Realborn COA, pacifier, blanket, outfit of adopter's choice (boy, girl or neutral) and also the pictured belly plate (it does have girl parts but obviously that is covered by a diaper). A full box opening is available but extra. PLEASE NOTE that while the belly plate was purchased for and painted alongside Darren and matches perfectly, it really doesn't lay nicely on the body - it is a bit short. As you can see from the photos, it still works for styling, it just isn't how I would like it to fit.

Changes can be made (magnets, weighting, etc) but please contact me prior to purchasing to agree on any changes you are requesting.

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Ordering Information:
Any doll reborned by me is lovingly hand painted in Minnesota. They are considered pieces of collector art, and are NOT toys for children. They must be carefully handled. Because they are one of a kind pieces of art, they are not considered returnable unless there is a major discrepancy in the description. Buyers outside of regular shipping areas to be considered on a case by case basis, and will pay exact shipping cost above asking price.

Layaway plan is $100 nonrefundable deposit down, and we can make arrangements beyond that for a monthly plan that works best for you.


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