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Ordering Information:
Please read thoroughly before ordering!
Please ask questions before ordering. No question is too insignificant. I will reply asap.
All photos were taken in natual light are were in no way enhanced.
Your doll will not come with a box opening unless stated in the description.
I do not send extra photos or videos except for one security photo.
This doll is a work of art and for serious collectors only. This doll was not made or intended as a childs toy. This doll did pass safety regulations.
Tiny irregularities or dust specks may be on this doll. Since this is a work of art and not made in a factory this is normal. Any major flaws will be mentioned in the description.
Please handle this doll carefully to avoid damage to the doll or injury to self. This doll may be very heavy and therefore care is needed when lifting. Do not lift the doll by the head or limbs. Be aware that the cable ties may have sharp edges.
Please hold the doll as you would a real baby or toddler.
This doll is made from vinyl and therefore will naturally smell like vinyl. Do not order if you are sensitive to smells or have breathing difficulties.
This doll was made in a smoke free home. Caged guinea pigs and a hamster are the only pets and do not have contact with the doll.
Do not store your doll in direct sunlight or excessive heat.
Do not bathe or submerge your doll in water. If dusting or cleaning is needed, use a lightly damp cloth and brush doll gently. Do not rub. A damp, clean paintbrush can be used to dust creases.
Excessive handling and dressing will cause wear and tear on your doll. Excessive handing may cause matte varnish to lose some of the matting powders and cause shininess in the doll. Highly recommended display only.
Do not poke eyes or tug on lashes. The dolls eyelashes may become crumpled or flattened in the post. If this happends they can simply be brushed out lightly with a very soft, clean toothbrush.
Do not spray perfume or other scents on the doll.
Take care when dressing the doll in dark fabrics as dyes may transfer to the doll.
This doll is examined before posting for any unmentioned flaws. Photos are taken of the packaging process.
Your doll be packaged wrapped securely in plenty of bubble wrap. The box I use will be new and in perfect condition. The box may get damaged in the post. I am not responsible for box damage in the post. Your doll will be well protected by bubble wrap and should not be damaged in the post.
I do not sell to minors. You must be at least 18 to order.
I am not responsible for wear and tear to your doll.
I am not responsible if this doll is given to a child.
I am not responsible for any allergic reaction you may have to this doll.
I am not responsible if you do not follow the care instructions above.

I will require a phone number upon ordering so I can complete the UPS postal forms. If you delay in sending me your phone number the shipping will be delayed.
I understand that you will be very eager to meet your new baby, so I alway ship the baby as quickly as possible after your order is placed.

Layaway Policy:
I do not offer layaway plans. I do not reserve babies or hold them for any leinth of time. I do not make custom babies or copy my own work.

Return Policy:
I do not accept returns. This is a one of a kind work of art and therefore I cannot accept a return. Please examine photos and ask questions before ordering. I sometimes post the doll less than an hour after the order is placed so you cannot change your mind after the purchase is made.
I cannot accept a return if you do not "bond" with your doll.
If the doll arrives damaged from customs or post I will only consider a return if photos of the box opening are provided as proof.

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