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Full super soft (Orphan)
By Hand made

18 inches (45.7 centimeters)

I’ve only had this baby a little over a week. I bought her as a boo boo baby and am selling her as a boo boo baby. Therefore there is absolutely no returns or refunds on this doll for any reason. Please look at all pictures, ask questions. I bought this baby but I am a collector and this baby has too many flaws for me to overlook. She is an absolute beautiful baby but she has some minor peeling on her face and a little on her neck. I do not see any peeling at all on her body but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any, I just do not see it. The peeling is so minor you can’t really see it unless you are looking very hard for it. She must have had two tiny pin hole bubbles in her silicone on her neck because there are two tiny holes and you can see where the artist tried blending it if you look very closely. She has an open mouth. Rooted eyelashes. This baby even has capillaries on her eyelids. She is beautiful. The slight peeling on her face looks like dry baby skin but it bothered me because I knew it was there. She has separate toes and one hand has separated fingers. She has a heart birthmark on her butt. She is made out of ecoflex 10 and 20 mixed with a slacker so she is extremely squishy and floppy. Her neck and body have to be supported like a real baby. If you do not support her head when picking her up it will keep flopping all the way back and keep going and could damage her silicone. She is extremely lifelike. She weighs 7 pounds. She will come with 2 outfits, her blanket and her pacifier and her Beenie hat.
Payment is due at auction end. No payments. All sales final, this is a boo boo silicone baby with flaws. I will not accept returns. Please look closely at all photos before bidding. Thank you.

File under: Silicone baby  

Ordering Information:
No returns. All sales final. Pay through PayPal Goods and services.

$2500.00 USD   (approx. 2500.00 USD) Shipping will be calculated at checkout but my area code is 89508 and the box will be around 11-12 pounds.   

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Michelle Price
Michelle Price
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