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Here is my little Maggie. This doll is FLAWED and not perfect or I would never sell her for this price. While I normally never have any boo boo babys to sell I think this one is so darling, even with her flaws she would be perfect for the right person.

She was created from the Maggie kit from Bountiful Baby. She does not have the turtle type torso but a cloth body instead. She has been painted beautifully as a brand new baby with lots of mottled skin tones. I've only used genesis heat set paint to create these beautiful translucent skin tones. She has lots of mottling and beautiful very realistic veining showing through the skin. I loved the way this kit took the paint.

She has many details, as all of my dolls do. She has a blotchy skin tone, lovely blushing and lots of little broken capillaries on her cheeks. She has some little milk bumps on her little nose. She has lovely delicate undertones in the areas where a baby's skin would be thinner. I gave her very realistic looking painted finger and toe nail tips.

The Maggie kit really represents to me a very newborn little one. With her little squished looking face she will steal your heart. I have used quality products to create her. She is stuffed and weighted with fine glass beads and plastic poly pellets securely contained. I have given her a cloth body. She weighs approximately five pounds and is about 19 to 20 inches. She feels so real when held. The limbs are full length so she can wear a large variety of clothing. Her head is floppy so be sure to hold her head when picking her up.

I gave her a darling head of painted hair that is a full head of hair, yet you can still see her little scalp through the hairs, just as a real newborn. The flaw is in the back of her head where the painted hair did not go on smoothly. It caked up and flawed. I have shown a picture of what it looks like. The rest of the painted hair is so lovely. You can put a cap on her to hide the flaw but please, accept her as she is if you decide to purchase her.

She has very wispy rooted eyelashes that have been very securely glued into place. Please be careful when putting clothing over her head though.

If you feel she is worth the price I am asking her I think she would be lovely to own. She will cuddle up in your arms and feels so real, I expect her to open her eyes.

One other item, that I don't think is really a flaw but if I were selling her as a non boo boo baby I would think about changing out the body. The cloth body torso to me seemed a wee bit too long for her body parts. I cannot do that with the price I am asking, so again, accept the doll as she is or don't buy her.

I DO NOT TAKE ANY RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. IF YOU DECIDE TO PURCHASE HER I WILL INVOICE YOU THROUGH PAYPAL. If you provide me with the city and state that you live in I can let you know much I have to charge to get her to you. If you are on the east coast it can cost as high as $50.00 to get her to you. States closer to me, here in California, would cost less.

She will not come with any extras, just the little outfit she is seen wearing and the little cap. I will wrap her up in a receiving blanket for her trip to her new home. If you have any questions please contact me.

Artist: Lullaby Babies Nursery

Length: 19" (48.2 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Painted
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: White / Caucasian

This item is no longer available for sale


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  Victoria F Arjaev
Lullaby Babies Nursery
Estero, Florida


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