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Rowan Schenk
By E-Borns

24 inches (60.9 centimeters)

Rowan sculpt by Jessica Schenk

Approximately 7 LBS

Painted with Genesis Heat Set paints in many transparent layers
Realistic subtle veins, blushing, slightly mottled with a few small baby blemishes.
Realistic textured skin with appropriate light peach fuzz sealed into varnish
Matte varnish to reduce shine followed by soft touch varnish for a smooth feel

Eyes: 22mm Natural Blue/Gray acrylic eyes
Hair: Very fine/soft blonde premium angora hair microrooted
Eyelashes: microrooted premium mohair in blonde and light brown
Eyebrows: Finely hand painted light "barely there" eyebrows
Nose: Closed, but shaded for realism
Nails: Very subtly manicured and tipped a natural color then protected with satin varnish
Lips: Painted in transparent natural shades and sealed with a combination of glaze and satin varnish
Sealed: With combinations of heat set matte, satin and air dry soft touch varnish (which cured for 4 weeks prior to assembly)
Limbs: 3/4 arms and legs
Body: Gathered body filled with premium poly-fil and very fine bountiful baby glass beads.
Clothing Size: 3/6 months and some 6/9 months

* Some photos we're taken while rooting was still in process, so photos with hairline much farther back do not depict current completed hairline as shown in the other photos

** small area on back of head that was slightly melted my heat lamp during rooting, it is at the bottom an inch or so above hairline. It has hair rooted over it and is very difficult to see unless you are feeling for it. Could not get a photo with it visible. However is being sold as a boo boo baby due to this and is priced accordingly.

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Adopted for $349 USD   (approx. 349 USD)

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