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Logan Awake
By Erin Young

19 inches (48.2 centimeters)

This little one is a Realborn Logan Awake sculpt.
He is 19" and weights 5lbs, which is a weight that translates to a realistic baby weight in your arms. (A doll has no muscle of course and so the full weight is known as "dead weight" and a too heavy weight feels MUCH heavier in your arms A. 5lbs doll feels more like a 7-8 lb human baby.)
Meticulously painted with 12 layers of Genesis Heat Set paints, including the following painted details...
3 layer/3 color mottling
Delicate just right veining
3 layers of blushing including slightly mottled top layer "sweet spots" to knees, hands, elbows, cheeks, nose
Realistically tipped nails (no French manicure look here)
Delicate lunulas (half moons) at nail bases
A peaches and cream sealing layer which adds an all over glow as well as true to life skin texture (pictures show this)
An additional sealing layer to ensure a matte finish(no vinyl shine)
Glossed nails,lips,nostrils, inner eyelid edge/tear duct
This baby has an (intended) "stork bite" (birth mark) at the back of his head.

Hair is mono rooted with Ruby Red brand mohair in brown. His hair is rooted on the thin side (price reflects this more affordable option)
Hair is well sealed and can be gently washed,brushed and styled.

Eyes are blue. Eyebrows are painted AND are textured to look 3D.

Logan is weighted realistically. With high quality rounded glass beads.
He has a silcone belly insert as well as silcone "pellets" in torso for cute squishy baby belly.
Higher quality cloth body.
Additional stuffing is with high quality angel will poly fill.
Full arms and legs.

Logan comes with entire outfits (2) shown
Magnetic pacifier in white
Wale lovey (shown)
Nautical theme matching balnket.
All items are BRAND NEW
Logan will be lovingly and carefully packaged for a small box opening.
Isn't that the best part?

I am meticulous with my work and would only ask a fair price for my finished product.
You are getting a BEAUTIFUL reborn for an affordable price. I am not making a profit at this price but enjoy the art of reborning and spreading joy to others.
Photos are taken in Natural light and are not altered in any way.
These are collectable dolls for gentle cuddling, dressing and display. Reborns do not hold up to child play (unless specifics as a "play doll")

File under: Logan Awake   mono rooted   brown hair   silcone inserts   brown hair blue eyes   blue eyes  

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Adopted for $225 USD   (approx. 225 USD)

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