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By Adrie Stoete

19 inches (48.2 centimeters)

Reborn Jaimie
Sculpted by Adrie Stoete/ reborned by Southern Root Babies

19 inches

~ ♥ Southern Root Babies Proudly Presents ♥ ~

Baby "Willow Grace"
19” long 3 lbs

The "Jamie" kit by the oh so talented Adrie Stoete

Baby Willow was brought to life through the use of many different techniques. She was painted with dozens of layers of different shades and tones of Genesis Heat Set Paints. Each thin layer has been placed in the oven for baking. This ensures no chipping or fading of paint, to last you many years of happiness. She was given delicate veining, blue undertones, capillaries, and texturing throughout her skin. Her skin tone is an uneven blotchy-ness just as a real baby would have. Her paint was sealed with "Dewy skin" and matte varnish. She has tiny milk bumps on her nose and surrounding areas.

Baby Willow has hand painted hair, giving the illusion that it is rooted. This allows for new mom or dad to hold and change her without having to worry about messing up her hair. It always stays in place and is picture perfect all the time!

Hair Color Used:

♥ Dark Chocolate Brown

Baby Willow has a soft doe-suede body sent to me from the kit supplier. She has 1/4 arms and 1/4 legs making her SUPER cuddly and calming to hold. Her limbs, head, and body have been weighted using micro fine/sand-like glass beads. The beads in the head and body have been contained by a stocking. She was then finished off by stuffing with poly-fil. Her limbs have been secured by cable ties. She has armatures placed in both her arms and legs allowing her to be posed very easily. Willow has a magnet in her head, as well as a magnetic pacifier.

Willow feels and moves just like a real newborn, and should be handled with care. She is not recommended for small children.

Baby Willow Comes from a SMOKE-FREE Home!!

2-3 outfits
1 pair of socks
1 Hat or bow
2+ diapers
1 Blanket
Magnetic pacifier
Birth certificate


Please note: Photo props will not be included

Ordering Information:
ATTENTION: ALL OF MY BABIES ARE BRAND NEW, HAVE NEVER BEEN PLAYED WITH, ETC. MY BABIES ARE SHIPPED AND WILL ARRIVE IN PERFECT CONDITION, JUST AS THEY ARE PICTURED, AS I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS. THIS HAS BEEN STATED. I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL as it is the easiest and safest way for both you the buyer and me the seller. No direct credit cards, checks, cash, or bank transfers. NO TRADES. Please be 18+ when purchasing or have parent supervision and permission. I really only ship to the US BUT if you contact me, we can work something out with international shipping. Just know that you are responsible for all shipping costs and customs charges. I am NOT responsible for any damage or loss from shipping or customs. You will have to make a claim with your postal service or customs if any damages have been made.


PAYMENTS: Any and all payments made to Kacey Collum, Southern Root Babies, via PayPal or any other form of payments are final and non-refundable under any circumstances, including Babies put on a payment plan/layaway. Dolls will not be shipped until any and all payments are received. Once the doll is paid for and shipped, you will receive a tracking number and I provide insurance through UPS of up to $100. If you would like additional insurance, that will come at your own cost, which can be paid for before doll has been shipped, via PayPal or other form of payment, to me, which I will add on at time of shipment.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: It is understood that you as the customer are 18 years of age or older making this purchase. You as the customer, acknowledge that this transaction is authorized and any attempt to file a chargeback or claim against Southern Root Babies or the owner Kacey Collum disputing this fact is considered theft and will be prosecuted. You as the customer are subject to Texas, USA, jurisdiction and pay any and all legal fees that are accrued due to fraudulent claims.

I can not guarantee that every baby will stay in pristine condition as many factors go into play to keep a doll like new. I cannot guarantee that the homes of my customers are free of smoke, pests, pets, and unpleasant odors. Wear and tear can be caused from handling, storage, play from children, pets and smoke odor. These baby dolls are NOT recommended for child play. Gentle handling is recommended. Ink stains can stain the babies body, and are extremely hard to remove, if even possible. Please wash all dark or denim clothing or cover up your baby with an undergarment before dressing baby in any of these materials or colors.

By starting payments, you agree to all the of the above terms and conditions and

$1025.00 USD   (approx. 1025.00 USD)

Shipping Only To:
United States        $25.00 USD       ($25.00 USD)    

If you are NOT IN THE US, please contact me prior to payment. I will need to calculate shipping for your country, and you will need to agree to shipping cost. It will take 2-4 business days after payment for shippment.

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