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Romilly Brace
By Pumpkinsparkles babies nursery

18 inches (45.7 centimeters)

This is Reborn baby "Romilly" Sculpt by Cassie Brace brought to life by Pumpkin Sparkles Nursery. Romilly is a LE baby # 620 out of 1250.

This baby was brought to life using GHSP. She is set with a matte varnish that adds a bit of texture to the vinyl this is done to protect the paint and to minimize shine.
She has tiny "cuts" on her eyebrow - Delta Dawn rooted eyelashes.

Romilly is 18" with one bent leg- she is on the smaller side and fits into Preemie clothes comfortably.

This baby weighs approx 5lbs. She was weighted very realistically using fine glass beads and high quality soft polyester. She is very cuddly and feels very real.

Romilly's hair was painted using different shades of auburn. The painting of the hair was done using script liners and achieved over several days. The paint was set with a mixture of satin and matte varnish and is very smooth. The sculpt itself has a "dent" on the top of the head to mimic the fontanel - this is very common with Cassie Brace's kits.

Romilly's fingernails are lightly glossed and tipped realistically (not like a french manicure)

Light glossed lips, inner ear and the nose has been deeply shaded to show depth.

Romilly does have a magnetic for a pacifier that has been held into place with E6000 + Felt held over it inside the head.


Romilly comes home in the gorgeous white sleeper. Modified Bibbs pacifier is included. New baby blanket and a travel buddy.

All packaged are wrapped securely for safe travels. Smoke free Cat friendly home.

Packages are shipped next business day with tracking.

All sales are FINAL. By purchasing this doll you are entering into a LEGAL agreement that you understand this nursery does not offer any type of refunds or returns. You have asked all questions and reviewed all photos-

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Ordering Information:
This nursery does not accept returns so please make sure this is the baby for you!
I ship next business day Priority 3 day.


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