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Groovy June Awake

Thank you for stopping by our nursery!! We are very proud to introduce one of the newest members of our nursery. Meet June awake.. Isn't she gorgeous?! She is realborn which means her sculpt was made from a 3D scan of a real baby. The realism of the Realborn sculpts are out of this world! . Please remember she is a collectible.. not considered a toy and needs to be handled with care. With care, she will be an heirloom to pass down for generations to come You can copy and paste this link if you would like to view a video of her&nbsp; https://www./watch?v=yQ_BmZ5JJ1Y&nbsp; . ABOUT US****11 years experience &nbsp;reborn artists. *** We are a couple that are also professional artists, we have been blessed enough to team up to be able to bring you something we feel very passionate about, art.. which is expressed through each unique doll. We work together, and put in many hours each day. Art is something that is in both of our hearts. &nbsp;We do produce several dolls each week, but I can assure you that with each one, our hearts are put into each one. Not a single detail is overlooked. We love what we do, and we strive for realism. *** We have sent hundreds of dolls all over the world and have made dolls for movie props for such films as "Cosmolis" and "Remedy", a Canadian based movie and series.<br> &nbsp; *** TESTIMONIALS***"Best reborn doll artists !! Debbie Carter, Texas : "Absolutely gorgeous!! Best painted hair I've ever seen!!" Caitlin Tovar, New Jersey : Check out our feedback!!
DETAILS AT A GLANCE: * Lifelike skin tones using GENESIS HEAT SET PAINTS. Each doll is given unique characteristics, such as scratches, textured skin, milk bumps, petichia, capillaries, and beauty marks. We paint, using many thin layers to acquire depth, texture, and contour. When we are finished, the skin tones are amazingly realistic! *full length &nbsp;arms and legs .., she is very poseable * HAND PAINTED HAIR &nbsp;We pride ourselves on exquisite hair painting. Each tiny hair is a hand stroke.She has been given a varying shades of brown with blonde undertones. We strive for depth for ultimate realism. When finished, we top it off with a texture medium and give it a sheen.. it's amazingly realistic and will last a lifetime!!.;*OPENED NOSTRILS; we gently open each of our doll's nostrils, and back with felt for depth. We put a slight amount of moisture in the nostrils for added realism. *MOUTH: her little lips has been painted using different shadings, that are carefully highlighted and blended for dimension. We give a slight gloss for a moisture appearance.*EYEBROWS :we have given her "barely there" eyebrows that match her hair. We are careful with each stroke, to make sure they look as natural as a real baby.EYES AND LASHES* We also given her beautiful wispy&nbsp; lashes and beautiful high quality Lauscher blue glass eyes. FINGERS AND TOES *Her fingers and toes have been shaded to a natural perfection with a slight bluing in ares such as the arch of the foot and wrists.. Her finger and toenails are tipped with an ivory color for a manicured look, and then sealed. *BODY: her doe suede like body is weighted with glass granules and stuffed with premium stuffing,We will gladly send a sample of weighting material per request. she is super cuddly and natural feeling. &nbsp;Her little head is weighted, just like a real baby's.. so her little head has to be supported when you hold her.* WONDERFUL BABY FRESH SCENT: We give each of our dolls an irresistable wonderful baby powder fresh scent. This can be left off for anyone that has allergies or is sensitive to smells.. just let us know prior to sending *COMING HOME: coming home, we will send this precious little one in absolutely adorable outfits shown. We will also send her with a magnetic paci (magnet can be removed per request) ,birth certificate (you can choose name), &nbsp;diaper and a receiving blanket. Check out our other doll listings and Please feel free to check out and "like" our facebook page. We always enjoy "meeting" new people and often run doll specials! Search Groovy Reborn Art Dolls on Facebook!

Artist: Groovy Reborn Art Dolls

Length: 20" (50.8 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Awake
Hair: Painted

File under: Groovy Reborn Art Doll  

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Adopted for $650 USD   
(approx. $650 USD)

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  Lori And Doug Grover
Groovy Reborn Art Dolls
Parkersburg, West Virginia
  12 Reviews


3.7 years on Reborns
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126 babies

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