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Jacqueline/Maggie Combine

Must be 18 or older to purchase my doll. Please do not ask for a free doll or for me to lower the price. I put so much of my time and money into creating my reborns. I am an experienced reborner. Regardless of the cost of the doll kit to me I put the same amount of time, skill and my talents into their creation. They are created to last the test of time. I price my dolls exptremly reasonable for the quality of them.


Up for "adoption" is my one of a kind creation. The doll has the head of the Jacqueline kit and the torso and limbs from Maggie. Both kits are from Bountiful Baby. My pictures do not do this adorable doll justice. I took little Jackie on an outing and people thought she was a real baby. From the pictures it looks as though her head does not match her body. It was made from two separate kits but the difference shows up more in the pictures than in real life. She is well worth the amount of money I am asking for her. The only item that bothered me about her was the way her hair turned out. It is less noticeable with a little hat or a hair ribbon.

If you have any questions at all about my one of a kind reborn baby doll, please contact me and I will answer with complete honesty.



I have painted baby Jacqueline using only Genesis heat set paints. This is the only type of paint I use on my reborns because of the durability and very translucent realistic skin tones I can achieve. The paint actually bonds with the vinyl and will withstand the test of time. Jacqueline is 20 inches approximately and weighs a very realistic weight of 6 pounds - 4 ounces. Jacqueline was given a very blotchy newborn skin tone. She has wonderful blushes, accentuated creases, subtle veining, and soft undertones where baby would normally have thinner skin. The doll is finished up with a permanent matte varnish. The nostrils on Jacqueline were carefully opened and backed with dark felt. The eyelids, mouth and inner ears were giving a moist varnish. I gave baby many extra details such as little capillaries on the eyelids and tiny broken capillaries on cheeks and ears.

************************* ******************************************

Because I used the torso and limbs from Maggie I consider the doll all vinyl. Do not mistake this for silicon.
The vinyl is soft and the fingers are flexible. The kit has full limbs. The anatomically correct little girl torso fits around the inside cloth body like that of a turtle. I did use the body (the better quality one from BB) that was recommended for her) This really is my favorite kind of kit to reborn because of the sweet torso. Please be aware that the torso does not cover the cloth body where the head and limbs meet it. Some of the cloth does show through. Also, with this type of kit it is less floppy than a doll with only a cloth body. Please be sure you are okay with that before purchase. The doll is very easy to dress as the limbs and head have movement. She wears newborn sizes very nicely. I use only non-toxic materials for weighting and stuffing my dolls. I use fine glass beads to weight the limbs and secure the caps to prevent any leakage. I used plastic poly pellets to weight Jackie's torso. With her full limbs she can wear a large variety of clothing. The pellets for her torso are enclosed in a sock rather than a nylon stocking. I do not use any nylon stockings to weight the doll as a want to prevent any chance of tears causing the pellets to leak out.


I have opted to give little my little princess a gorgeous head of very baby looking painted hair. I use paint brushes with only the fewest of bristles and build up layer upon layer of fine baby hairs. I love this look when I am working on a very newborn looking doll. The doll has a nice thick head of hair but still gives the slightly balding look that newborns have. A painted head of hair is perfect for someone that likes to put lots of hats and caps on baby. The hair style is very realistic looking with lots of movement and texture. Lots of fine baby hair running onto the face. I painted Jackie's eyebrows with the same color of his painted head of hair. I gave Jackie rooted baby eyelashes with a premium quality mohair. The lashes are securely glued but I always recommend using care when pulling clothing over the face. I am my own worst critic when it comes to my reborns and want to point out with accuracy the painted hair. I loved the way the style itself turned out. I had put on a matte type varnish before starting to paint the hair, and as a result some of the hairs are not as clean as clear as I usually like them to be. I also added some glazing gel to the finished head to see how that would look. It was not entirely satisfactory to me. The hair has lovely sweet baby hairs that flow onto the face and I loved the way the hair color looked on the doll. I do not consider the doll a BOO BOO baby but the hair is slightly blemished.


I opted to NOT give little Jackie any magnets. I did not care for the way the magnet would sit on her face. Also, be aware that my doll is not meant in any way to be a play toy for a small child. I consider it an heirloom quality collectible and should be handled with care. Also, if you have any chewing pets please keep the doll away from them as the limbs contain find glass beads. (


Jackie will wear newborn size baby clothing very nicely. I will start Jackie off with a darling layette of the clothing she is seen wearing in the pictures. I send along a care sheet with my personal recommendations for keeping baby is pristine condition. I create a custom certificate of adoption with the name of the adopting parent and baby's name. If you want to choose a different name for Jacqueline please advise me with your payment. Also, don't forget the name of the adopting parent. Layette will all clothing baby is wearing , a receiving blanket and extra diapers. I always include an item or two of clothing of my own choosing. No other obvious props or items will be included. She will be adorable for you to shop for. . The white long dress Jackie is wearing is vintage and all hand made. I have been saving it for the right baby doll and I loved it on Jackie. The back closes with tiny buttons and one of the buttons is missing. I laundered it carefully and ironed it. I love finding beautiful vintage clothing for my dolls and always point out that they are not new. This dress was beautifully made.

Some of the things I love most about this doll is the way the kit received the loveliest translucent skin tones and blushes. I've painted very soft and realistic veining.
I create my dolls with much patience, skill, love and time. Regardless of the price of the kit I am working on each doll gets my full attention. I am an experienced reborn artist and have adopted out many of my beautiful reborns. Please be aware that I DO NOT accept any returns on my dolls. If you have any questions at all about how the doll was painted, weighted, photographed or assembled please contact me. I will answer with complete honesty. I do not take any layaway at this time. I will only accept PayPal payments and will send only to the address PayPal has on file.

Artist: Lullaby Babies Nursery

Length: 20" (50.8 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Painted
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: White / Caucasian

This item is no longer available for sale


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