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Dominic Rafael
By Ann Lay / Nest468

22 inches (55.8 centimeters)

This little guy is looking for a new home for the holidays. He originated as the Dominic Rafael kit by Laura Tuzio Ross and he was a pleasure to create. His ethnic skin tones and painted hair were done with Genesis heat-set paints. He's fun to dress because he's got full limbs and he's weighted and stuffed to make him feel like a real baby when you hold him. He weighs 6 pounds and if his little legs were straightened he would be approximately 22" long. I love to see his alert little face watching me as I work in the nursery, but he really needs to find a new home with someone who will give him the love and attention he deserves.
I spend a long time painting each of my babies to make them as realistic as possible. I've worked as a pediatric RN and a portrait artist most of my life, I know how real babies look and feel, and I try to bring that to each of my reborns. I don't do "formula painting" and turn out lots of babies every month. Some babies take longer than others and some come easily, but I give each the time it takes to make it a treasure that someone else will be happy to own. I let the sculpt give me the inspiration of how to make it look its best, and each doll is painted with colors mixed and layered in the order that seems to fit that particular baby. The finishing process and even the choice of layette is very important and none of my babies are listed for adoption unless it's sweet enough to tug on my own heart. I like to think of them as 3D OOAK vinyl portraits, as each is unique and a very special piece of fine art that can be held and cuddled.

Dominic has been created as a doll for a responsible collector and is not intended as a toy for a very young child!

painted vinyl head, full arms and full legs
light ethnic skin tones
soft cloth body w/ gathered chest and tush
weighted and filled with fine glass beads and quality fiberfil
dark hand-painted hair and brows with matching lashes
deep brown eyes
modified pacifier (Dominic contains no magnets)

Dominic Rafael will come with the clothing shown in his photos, diapers, onesies, a modified pacifier that fits his open mouth, birth certificate and care instructions, and some other clothing and surprises to make his box opening even more special. It's cold outside, so I'll make sure he's wrapped to stay warm on his journey to your home.

Ordering Information:
Please ask any questions before ordering. I will be happy to respond.

I can only sell my reborns to adults!

Please pay quickly as all my listings remain open to other buyers until payment has been made and cleared to my account!

Paypal payments only, and I can only ship to the address on a verified Paypal account.

No refunds or returns as each of my babies are OOAK creations, and I can't sell a reborn as new if it's been sold in the past.


$350.00 USD   (approx. 350.00 USD)

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  ann lay
United States

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My name is Ann Lay and I'm the owner and reborn artist for Nest468. I've done portraits of babies and pets nearly all my life, and I worked for 25 years as a pediatric nurse. I know how real babies look and feel, and I always try to make my reborns as realistic and as impeccably crafted as possible. I love creating 3D vinyl portrait dolls of newborns, and I hope you will love them too!


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