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Anna and Hanna twins

Painted by: CherishNComfort Nursery
Length: 17 inches (43.1 centimeters)

These two twin girls are the Anna sculpt by Pat Moulton

The baby in the unicorn sleeper is 4lbs and 2 oz. And the baby in the owl sleeper is 4lbs 1oz.

Opened mouth babies

These babies are twins and one of the baby's is a boo boo baby because I cut her mouth a little to much on one side and you can see in the pictures. baby will still be able to take a pacifier. I have lowered the price because of this. They also have different made bodies and they are both very posable and cuddly.

I have painted and sealed them with genesis heat paint.

Painted hair and rooted eyelashes.

They have opened mouths to take a full pacifier or bottle nipple.

They have vinyl arms, legs, and head.

Doe suede tan cloth bodies.

Weighted with poly fiber fill and glass beads.

Made in a no smoke home.

These are hand painted collectors reborn babies that has taken many hours you make and is meant to be held with gentle care.

Each baby comes home with:

A sleeper and a onesie


Baby bottle

A blanket to come home in.

Doll Details:
Age: Preemie
Gender: Girl
Skin: Strawberries & Cream
Race: White / Caucasian

This item is no longer available for sale

Adopted for $275 USD   
(approx. 275 USD)

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