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LE Lia Lauren
By Bundles in Bloom

19 inches (48.2 centimeters)

This cute little red head is the limited edition Lia Lauren sculpt by Susanne Goeschl. She has painted auburn hair and hand rooted ginger lashes. I've also scented her with baby powder and attached a magnet for a paci and hair accessory. Lia will come home with with all the outfits in her pics and a few extra gifts). All of my dolls are painted with several layers of specialized Lillian Trigg air and LDC dry paints and sealed with a matte varnish, which also creates a subtle skin texture. They are weighted with high quality fiber fill and micro glass beads. This provides the perfect balance of cuddliness and realism.

Lia's Details:
•Reborn Birth Date: November 18, 2018
•Gender of Doll: Female
•Doll Kit: Lia Lauren by Susanne Goeschl
•Limbs: 3/4 arms & legs
•Length: approx. 19 inches
•Weight: approx. 4 1/2 lbs.
•Body Type: custom cloth body
•Paint: Lillian Trigg and LDC Air Dry Paints w/varnish
•Hair Type/Color: Hand painted auburn
•Special Features: Rooted and sealed eyelashes, tipped/sealed nails, light mottling, subtle veining, magnet for paci and hair accessory, small freckle on left leg (as show in pic).

I'll send Lia home with a deluxe care package, which includes:
*1 outfit
*1 sleeper
*2 Diapers
*magnetic paci
*magnetic hair accessory
*baby headband
*Birth Certificate (Artistry Authentication)
*Care Instructions

Ordering Information:
I do not accept returns. Please feel free to ask any questions prior to purchasing this reborn doll. I use priority postal shipping for my packages to the US (with tracking). Buyer is responsible for customs fee upon delivery, if applicable.If you are outside the European Union, you may have to cover these expenses. However, I have shipped over 70 reborn bundles to United States and none of my customers have had to pay any customs charges upon receipt.

I also offer short payment plans. 25% is due up front, and the remaining balance is due within 8 weeks. The reborn will shipped as soon as the final payment is received. Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a payment plan and I'll send you an invoice.

All of my babies are nestled in a soft blanket and the accessories are wrapped in gift wrap or special gift bags (for a great box opening). I will also send you some box packing photos beforehand.

I ship within 3 business days of confirmed payment to PayPal. You must have a valid/verified PayPal account.

$200.00 USD   (approx. 200.00 USD)

Shipping To:
United States        $45.00 USD       ($45.00 USD)    standard post with tracking
United Kingdom        $35.00 USD       ($35.00 USD)    standard post with tracking
Europe        $35.00 USD       ($35.00 USD)    standard post with tracking
Canada        $45.00 USD       ($45.00 USD)    standard post with tracking
Rest of the World    $75.00 USD    ($75.00 USD)    standard post with tracking

I ship within 3 business days of confirmed payment to PayPal. You must have a valid/verified PayPal account. I will also send box packing photos before shipment.

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  Liz Hadas
Bundles in Bloom Reborn Nursery

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My name is Liz, and I'm the artist at Bundles in Bloom Reborn Nursery. I'm originally from America, but am now living on the beautiful Spanish coast. I am a writer by trade, but I've always enjoyed crafting. From hand quilting to miniature clay creations. Since I began creating these little bundles back in 2015, over 70 of my reborns have found homes all over the globe. Including the United States, Canada, and Australia. My best friend (and fellow writer), Rhi, takes care of the business side of things and the baby photo shoots. So, you might say that Bundles in Bloom is a team effort. Our main focus is beautiful craftsmanship and open communication, along with affordable pricing. Every reborn is handcrafted with loving care, and we are more than happy to answer any questions (before and after the adoption.) Please send a message if you would like additional information for any of our precious bundles.


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