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Eirlys Alicia Toner

Thank you for taking the time to view my version of this beautiful reborn baby doll.

You must be 18 or older to purchase this doll. Please do not ask for a free doll. I spend too much time and money to create a reborn of this quality.

The doll kit is not silicon and the doll does not pee, poop or make noises. It is a beautiful example of a true reborn/newborn doll created in the tradition of the art. With proper care this beautiful doll can even become an heirloom passed down.

My reborn baby doll has been created from the Eiryls kit sculpted by Alicia Toner. It is a limited edition of 44/430 worldwide.

The doll is approximately 21 inches with full legs and full arms which allow for a large selection of clothing.. The weight on Eirlys is a very realistic 7 pounds. She has a quality cloth doe skin body. She wears 0 to 3 months size. The doll feels and looks amazingly real. The doll has a lot of movement in her limbs and her head. Her head has to be supported just as a real baby would. I would advise picking her up supporting her head and her bottom. I've weighted the limbs of the doll with fine glass beads and sealed them. I've used plastic poly pellets to weight her head and torso. I enclose the pellets in new socks rather than using nylon stockings. That way I am confident the pellets will not leak out. The cost of the kit itself is over $100.00 and I've used only quality mohair to root her hair. I have to ask this amount for her because of the time and money involved. The doll's layette will include an anatomically correct little girl tummy plate.

I have only used Genesis heat set paints on Eirlys. These are the only paints I use for my babies as I can achieve such realistic and translucent skin tones. These paints stand the test of time and will not fade out.
I apply layer upon lay of
light washes, for highlighting thin skin over bone adding the appearance of depth
bringing in other multi-layer for skin tones and adding soft delicate
mottling and blushing. I have given the doll very realistic subtle veining and broken capillaries. The eyebrows were carefully hand painted in a color to match her hair. I have given baby's finger and toe nails a look of a baby manicure. Her beautiful mouth was given soft natural tones. I've added slight moisture to the lips. nostrils and corners of the eyes. Because of the shape of the doll's lips I opted to not give the doll any magnets. The doll is completed and I would not be able to add any magnets.

I decided for this beautiful baby doll to give her a head full of beautiful rooted hair. I used only premium quality mohair and I am delighted with the finished result. I've used several different shades ranging from light blond to medium strawberry brownish/blonde tones. I've glued the hair and eyelashes very securely. The premium hair does not mat but will still need to be gently combed to keep it nice. I've even given baby Eirlys a definite crown. I've left the doll's hair long enough to style and comb. It can be moistened and given lots of curls or moistened to remain smoother. I gave the doll a lot of hair but there are still little areas where the scalp can be seen, especially when wet and combed close to the head. The mohair I used does have different textures and the hair toward the back is slightly different than towards the front. It combs through very easily without tangling when carefully combed. The eyelashes on her are a slightly darker shade.

The doll is definitely not a play toy for a young child. With care my reborn baby doll will stay beautiful and can even become an heirloom to be handed down. The doll will arrive at her new home with all of the clothing she is seen wearing, the certificate of authenticity, a custom certificate of adoption (please let me know with your payment what name you would like for the baby and the name of the adopting parent). If I do not receive it by the time I ship baby out I will provide you with a blank one for you to fill in. I also include a care sheet with my suggestions for keeping baby in pristine condition. No other items or props will be included. (I do send along a few extras of my own choosing).

Please be aware that, like most reborn artists, I do not accept any returns. Please be sure this is the doll for you before purchasing. If you have any questions at all about how Eirlys was painted, assembled or photographed please contact me. I do not take any layaways. I only take PayPal payments and will only ship to the address that PayPal has on file.

I have spent weeks working on this beautiful reborn baby doll. She has been a joy to work with. While the rooting was extremely time consuming it was well worth it.

Thank you again for taking the time to view my baby doll.

Artist: Lullaby Babies Nursery

Length: 21" (53.3 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Rooted
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: White / Caucasian

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Adopted for $350 USD   
(approx. 350 USD)

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  Victoria F Arjaev
Lullaby Babies Nursery
Estero, Florida


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