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Alice in Slumberland
By Cassandra

15 inches (38.1 centimeters)

Alice is peacefully sleeping with her drink me bottle.
She fell asleep in her best dress and bonnet. ( oh my what would diner think?)

A beautiful Premmie Maisy baby wrapped up in a Handmade Blanket
All her little features have been masterfully brought to life,
Painted details include warm mottled skin tones, delicate veining throughout limbs and head.
Glossy lips and nail tips, blushing and capillaries and creases. Layers of matting to protect the colouring and shine prevention.
Eyebrows and lashes.
Hair is a golden blonde doll wig refitted and glued securely with E6000 to suit her, can be left long or trimmed to suit.
Send a loved one the perfect gift.

Baby scented sachet inside the Doe Suede body.
Fine glass beading will weigh her to approx 500g 1lb 1oz.
Polyfil stuffing and cable ties to keep her snug and happy.

Ordering Information:
Birth certificate from Rare & Pretty and any genuine certificates by the sculptor
Genuine Brooch to keep as a Quality assurance guarantee and adorable keepsake.

Materials used, Polyfill fibre,Fine Beads, Scent Satchet, Dummy, Magnet.
Matting as colour protection and shine prevention.
All reborning kits and materials are purchased from Genuine kit and material Suppliers.
Each limb is weighted with beads and packed with premium quality stuffing for realborn floppiness.
Reborns are packaged in stiff boxes with plenty of plush wrapping and a surprise adoption care set to ensure their safe arrival and a glorious unboxing for new Mummies.

AUS$250.00 AUD   (approx. 250.00 AUD)

Worldwide    AUS$60.00 AUD    (A$60.00 AUD)    Fast shipping tracked insured

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