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Open Mouth Baby Ryan
By Barb

20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

Babies reduced for a weekend sale! - READY TO SHIP!

Happy to send home as a little girl - just let me know upon checkout!

This is the Ryan kit from Bountiful Baby. He is a soft VINYL kit. NOT silicone.

Baby Ryan is an open mouth baby and can use a full or modified pacifier and baby bottle nipple. The inside is unsightly and uneven in place but can only be seen when squeezing his cheeks gently to give a pacifier or play feed. This type of baby is not for everyone, mostly for those that enjoy using pacifier's with their babies or play feeding. Please consider your purchase carefully as all sales are final.

All pictures taken outdoors for a better look at baby's coloring and tone.

This beautiful baby boy is 20 inches and 5 lbs., with 3/4 limbs. His head is weighted to fall forward just like a real baby so it must be supported when picking Ryan up or holding him for play feedings or snuggles.

Painted with Genesis heat set paints and given mottling, shading, blushing, veining, rooted and sealed lashes, tipped and sealed nails, a moist look to the lips, nails, corner of the eyes and inner ear, and a baby powder scented wafer in the body.

Items not mentioned as part of the going home layette are props and not going home with baby.

COMES WITH 2 PACIFIERS - 1 full and 1 modified!

Going home layette:
1 full pacifier
1 modified pacifier
baby bottle with fake formula

Ordering Information:
Please be sure you have a working email address when placing an order. A working email allows me to contact you should there be a problem I encounter with the address provided. I am having a large amount of un-deliverable mail, mainly from gmail accounts so please double check that the email you are providing on the order is correct.

I do my best to take all my pictures outdoors away from direct sunlight, ensuring I get close ups of the face, nails, hair and body. Be sure to take a good look at the pictures and ask questions before making your purchase as all sales are final.

I ship Priority Mail using Priority Mail boxes as I find it helps to keep shipping costs down for me which in turn helps me to keep my prices reasonable. I lay all my babies on their side in the fetal position and pack them nice and tight with as little wiggle room as possible. If this is something that will bother you, please pass the listing up.


I ship all babies Priority Mail with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation within the Continental U.S. only.

Please do not email me a different address other then the one on the verified Paypal account as I only ship to the address on the Paypal account. All such sales will be automatically cancelled and refunded.

Baby clothing and accessories range from new to gently pre-loved. I purchase from Carter's, Target, Walmart, JC Penney, and many online consignment shops. If this is something that will bother you, please pass up the listing.

Reborn dolls are created with the adult collector in mind. They cannot hold up to every day or rough handling. They are collectibles meant for displaying. They cannot hold up to every day or rough playing like store bought dolls. They are fragile and although the Genesis Heat Set paints are sealed and cured, paint can fade as it is not embedded into the vinyl and simple things such as clothing changes, playing or handling every day can cause paint to fade. Please keep these things in mind before making your purchase or gifting one to a child as all sales are final.

Please note that I video tape all packings and box opening returns right at the post office with an unbiased witness to ensure there is no question as to what was shipped to the buyer and what I received in the return.

I DO NOT offer layaway or payments at this time. All Ready to Ship and Custom babies are to be paid in full.

All accessories and clothing are included for FREE with each baby!

Accessories and clothing may differ according to what I have in stock if gender change is requested.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns unless baby is not as described.


Please note that I package all babies carefully, laying them on their side with cushioning. It is a tight fit but I want the least amount of wiggle room as possible as baby travels to you. My box packings are not fancy and only contain the items listed baby will go home with. This allows me to keep my prices low so that every one has the opportunity to bring home their very own reborn baby. If this is something that you do not agree with, please pass this listing over.


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  Barb Wilson
Barb's Baby Doll
United States

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My name is Barb and I've loved dolls all my life - finding out about reborn dolls I actually found my niche. I love reborning very much and enjoy being able to offer affordable baby dolls for every age and budget. I ship Priority Mail using Priority Mail boxes. I lay all my babies on their side in the fetal position and pack them nice and tight with as little wiggle room as possible. Be sure to read listing completely and take a good look at all the pictures. I do my best to take close up pictures of the important details such as nakie pictures from all 4 angles, top of the head, nails, and close up of face. All my pictures are taken outdoors for a better look at baby's coloring and tone. Feel free to ask questions before making your purchase to be sure you really want this baby as all sales are final. I do not accept returns. These dolls are hand made and take many, many hours to complete so it's difficult re-selling them. Holds and layaways are done on a case by case basis. Any and all payments and or deposits are non-refundable. Only payments sent through Paypal Friend's and Family is accepted, so please consider the option of layaway or hold carefully as there are no refunds. Reborn dolls are hand made and thus not perfect. They are done individually and no two are ever alike since the paint is mixed at the time of painting so the colors will always be real babies dolls may have blemishes and uneven skin tones in some areas, this adds to their uniqueness making them special in their own way, just like real babies! Reborn doll care instructions Open mouth reborns will have their pacifier and baby bottle nipples lightly dusted with cornstarch for easier placement in baby's mouth. You can use cornstarch or baby powder to lightly dust the nipple of both pacifier and baby bottle as needed. If any of the cornstarch or baby powder remains on the lips you can gently remove it with the sweep of a clean make up brush or dry cloth. Never use force or place other instruments in baby's mouth. This is not a drink and wet doll. Giving any kind of liquids to the doll can result in damage. Reborn dolls are made of soft vinyl head and limbs that should never be exposed to extreme heat or cold. The head is weighted and should always be supported as you would a real newborn. Never submerse the doll in water. If the vinyl becomes dusty or dirty you can gently wipe away any stains with a clean dry cloth. Although tempting, do not use baby products or any products on your doll's vinyl, especially ones with alcohol as they can damage the vinyl beyond repair. Vinyl can easily pick up dyes from print such as newspapers, magazines, clothing, so please be mindful as to where baby is placed. Even dyes from bright and dark colored clothing whether worn by the baby or the person holding the baby can transfer to the vinyl. Belly plates come with a small mark in the back that is used by my nursery to identify which belly plates belong to which kits. Following these simple instructions will help ensure your baby stays beautiful to enjoy for years to come! Dolly hugs, Barb's Baby Dolls Nursery


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