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KAMI ROSE Rare & Limi
By Priscilla Anne of Artful Baby

19 inches (48.2 centimeters)


Mother's Day Baby




Varied Pricing

Bald Baby

Painted Hair

Combi Hair (Painted & Sparse Rooting)

Full Rooted





A Sold Out Limited Edition

Sculpted by Laura Lee Eagles

19 Inches

4lbs. 4 oz.

Features at a Glance

Full arms and Legs

Soft Jointed Doe Suede Custom Body

Poly fill/ Glass Beads Filling

Genesis Heat Set Paint


BALD 799.00

Hand Painted Hair & Brows in Baby Brown
$ 875.00

COMBI HAIR Painted & Rooted

Fully Rooted

Painted & Manicured Fingers and Toes

Subtle Mottle & Veining

Nose Shaded for Depth

Sleeping Baby

Rooted Eyelashes





My Name is Priscilla Anne and I am the Artist and Creator of Artful Baby Reborns.
I have been a doll collector and artist since childhood and reborning since 2010. Each precious baby I create has been inspired by my love of newborns.
It is artwork from my heart to your arms.

Purchase With Confidence
Award Winning Credentialed Artist

Every "Artful Baby" Reborn is created with the serious collector in mind.
Artistic conception and premium products are combined to develop a "Living Doll" replica of a Newborn baby.

Advanced techniques are used to develop depth, realistic skin tone, and the weighted feel of a real infant.
Please enjoy my latest Baby Doll Adorable "KAMI ROSE"

I have meticulously painted every little feature of this adorable baby using Genesis Heat Set paints with my own customized palette for a completely unique skin tone, lightly mottled, for ultra realism.

The subtle veining, capillaries and blushing adds to the effect of truly real baby. Her dewy skin has been sealed with matte varnish to keep her shine free with a realistic, soft to the touch, newborn skin texture.

Baby's hair is hand painted with a 3D effect in soft baby brown shades. Delicately rooted eyelashes and subtle painted eyebrows with lightly glossed eyelids nostrils and lips all combine to enhance this lovely slumbering baby.

No detail has been overlooked in the creation of this precious baby doll. Each crease has been shaded, and her complexion created to resemble a newborn infant with skin mottle, veining, baby pigmentation, and blushing.

Her tiny nose has been shaded for depth to keep the integrity of the vinyl.The palms of the hand and soles of the feet are carefully blushed and the nail beds have been delicately manicured just like a precious newborn.

Baby's complexion is soft and dewy and radiates with the glow of a newborn child. Each artistic nuance gives the illusion of a true newborn

BABY was created in a NON-SMOKING STUDIO

Artful Baby's are methodically weighted to give you a ultimate realistic snuggly reborn baby experience.

She has a full limbs and a Non Gendered Tummy Torso.

A Signed Embroidered, custom cloth body made just for her.

Weighted with a combination of extremely fine glass granules, poly pellets and premium fiber filling used in her limbs, head and body.

All new and original products are used in creating this little treasure, and no sand is ever used in my babies.

I do not use magnets in my reborns so they are always safe around pacemakers and other electronic devices. She feels so real, like a "Living Doll".

Baby "KAMI"will be carefully wrapped and packaged for her trip to her new home.
Included in her layette...Adorable Party Baby Dress. Baby Gown. Baby Hair Band / Onesie / Hat Booties. Baby Sleeper. Baby Blankie and Baby Toy. Additional surprises too!

Items not mentioned above are not included in auction as several baby props are in photos.

Required Method of Payment is " Paypal ".

Bidders are also required to have at least 10 feedback referrals.
I will cancel bids that do not have a feedback of 10 or more.

I will also cancel any last minute bidders purchase if they try to override this request.
You must have a PAYPAL account and verified address to bid!

If you use the Buy it now option you must be prepared to pay immediately.

Please consider PayPal Credit Option If you wish to make Payments.

Customer satisfaction and happiness is my ultimate goal. Please contact me before bidding if there are any questions concerning the Reborn or Payment.
Payment is required at close of auction.


I do not offer International at present.
USA & Canada Delivery Only

Package fees are listed in auction details. Sent with tracking. I will require a signed receipt for proof of delivery.

Purchase With Confidence
Award Winning Artist
I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank You.

Please contact me with any questions before purchase.

Thank you for Looking

Ordering Information:
Each Baby be arriving home with a new baby wardrobe which includes. Baby appropriate outfits, Girl or Boy. Baby PJ's, Onsie's, A Baby /Hair Band/ Hat/ Booties/Baby Toy/Baby Custom Blankie. Plus a few surprises and Certificate of Authenticity. Items not mentioned are not included in auction.

Ordering Information:

PAYPAL Accepted as Payment Please include Delivery Fee With Payment Thank You

All babies are non refundable or exchangeable .
Be sure this is the baby you truly want.
Each Baby is a One Of A Kind and cannot be duplicated.
As such they cannot be resold as "New".
Please be sure this is your Dream Baby.

Please contact me with any questions before purchase.

All “Artful Baby Reborn” Baby's delivered exclusively in the USA and CANADA. Please note, I am not responsible for delivery & arrival time frame.

I accept PAYPAL as method of payment.

This Baby Doll will be insured with tracking and delivery confirmation, signed receipt required.

I DO NOT Send WORLD WIDE at present.

*** "I DO NOT Deliver WORLD WIDE"....USA & Canada Only*** Thank You ***

$799.00 USD   (approx. 799.00 USD)

Shipping Only To:
United States        $40.00 USD       ($40.00 USD)    Pricing Varies by Distance
Canada        $65.00 USD       ($65.00 USD)    Insurance/Tracking

I accept PayPal – I will only ship to the address given on ebay/PayPal details. I do try to be very accurate with each description. Please make contact with me with any questions. Payment by PayPal Ship to USA and Canada Only Paypal Only US Priority Shipping

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  Priscilla Anne Staples
Artful Baby Reborn
United States

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Artful Baby Reborn Baby Dolls are created with the collector in mind. These artistic babies have a "Living Doll" quality marveled by many and enjoyed by the discerning collector for their realism and beauty. Each "Babydoll" is selected for their individual expression, size and quality. Artfully developed, by blending colors from the artists' palette using a reborning process with exceptional techniques and products to create a replica of a precious newborn infant. With imagination and creativity each sculpt takes on a extraordinary look and personality of its own. Every doll is unique and brought to life to become a one of a kind original reborn baby. They are truly amazing. Many hours, the best quality materials & techniques were used to bring this unique baby to life.. Your reborn is now an heirloom quality collectible. With proper care, the precious reborn will be cherished for many generations. Hand painted artistry with Genesis Heat Set Paints. Weighted doe suede cloth body with premium glass and poly pellet addition to a Newborn Layette. I invite you to view and enjoy the Artful Baby Reborn page here and on Facebook. I have been inspired to create and bring these newborns to life. Adoption is available. It will be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have.


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