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Atticus - Laura Lee Eagle


Please do not ask me to send the doll to you for free. I spend too much of my time and my money to give dolls away. I am asking a very fair price for the quality of my doll.

I also list on another site. Don't miss this one.

For your consideration is my version of the amazing kit, Atticus, sculpted by Laura Lee Eagles and reborn by me.
I have used only genesis heat set paint to bring the kit to such a life like appearance. Genesis paints allows very translucent tones and bonds to the vinyl. I've added multiple layers of skin tones, luscious blushes and lots of newborn mottling for baby's skin tones. I've added subtle and realistic veining and small capillaries. I am always very detailed when working with my dolls, regardless of the cost of the kit. It has taken me hours, days and weeks to complete this beautiful little work of art. I did not fit the doll with any magnets and will not be able to add any at this time.

I have given my baby rooted eyelashes. They are securely glued in place but I always recommend using extra care when putting clothing over the face. Baby's eyebrows are hand painted. I've added a final coat of permanent matte varnish to the doll parts and also to the doll's hair for more texture and dimension.
The doll's gorgeous blue eyes are from Bountiful Baby.

This kit is a sold out limited edition and I am thrilled with the final results. The features are as beautiful and newborn looking as can be. I love the open eyed expression on my little Atticus. Open hands are always a favorite of mine. I've painted the tiny toe and finger nails with small little nail beds. The one thing that I have loved about my version of baby Atticus is the full vinyl torso. The torso fits over the doll's cloth body like that of a turtle. It allows for such a real looking baby doll. While some artists cut the torso in half and allow it to tie onto the cloth body, I cannot bring myself to cut this precious feature of my doll. While some think it gives a stiffer feel to the doll I can pick him up and cuddle him very nicely.

Atticus is approximately 19 to 20 inches and weighs about 5 1/2 pounds. He wears newborn clothing very nicely. A very small amount of the cloth body shows where the limbs and head join the torso but doesn't show when clothed.

I decided to give baby Atticus an amazing head of painted hair. I do prefer to paint the hair on a very newborn looking doll. It lays close to the head and allows much of the scalp to show through. I've given the hair lots of movement, baby hairs and swirls. It is perfect for putting lots of little hats and caps on baby.

The doll is weighted with high quality poly pellets, fiber fill and fine glass beads. I've sealed the head and limbs to prevent any leakage. My dolls are created to last for years with the proper care. I DO NOT RECOMMEND MY DOLLS AS PLAY TOYS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. The doll should be considered a fine collectible and can be passed down as an heirloom.


The layette will include all of the clothing showing including the crochet football cocoon and hat. I will include several other adorable outfits of my choosing. I am always generous with the layettes.
I also will include a hand crocheted baby blanket, cocoon with a matching hat. I will include the certificate of authenticity, my suggestions for keeping the doll in pristine condition and also a custom certificate of adoption. It will have the name of Atticus unless you would like a different name and also the name of the adopting parent. No obvious props will be included. If you have any questions about how the baby doll was photographed, painted or assembled please contact me. I will answer with complete honesty. NO LAYAWAYS!!!

I hope you enjoy looking at this baby doll and considering it for your very own.

Artist: Victoria Arjaev

Length: 19" (48.2 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Boy
Eyes: Awake
Hair: Painted
Skin Color: Mottled

This item is no longer available for sale

Adopted for $345 USD   
(approx. $345 USD)

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  Victoria F Arjaev
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