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PLEASE, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. Do not ask for a free doll. I really spend too much time and my own money to offer my dolls as freebies.. They are well worth the price I am asking.

The baby doll offered in this auction was created from the adorable Realborn kit, Landon from Bountiful Baby.
If you have any questions at all about how baby Landon was painted, assembled or photographed please contact me and I will answer with complete honesty.
My home is completely smoke free.
Painted with genesis heat set paint which permanently bonds to the vinyl and will not fade out. The only paint I use on my reborns is the genesis heat set paint because of the very realistic and transparent skin tones I can achieve.
I wanted Landon to have a ruddy newborn skin tone. He has very mottled skin tones which is the look I was going for. It has taken layer upon layer upon layer to build up a realistic look. I've given baby subtle undertones. I gave the doll lovely blushes. I gave Landon's little nose a sprinkling of milk bumps.
I accentuated all of the creases, wrinkles and folds with natural baby tones.
Baby doll is weighted to feel so real to the touch. Landon is a good sized newborn. The kit has full length arms and legs which allows for a variety of clothing on him. I gave the baby's head a neck ring which allows the head to be easily turned from side to side. The doll is not as floppy as my babies normally are. He feels a bit stiffer but is still delightful to hold and cuddle. His limbs are capable of some movement , especially the arms. I am always very upfront about describing my dolls. If there is something to point out, I always do. The arms move very easily which makes dressing easy but there is a slight little squeak as they move. It seems to be diminishing as I am dressing the doll. The doll was weighted with fine glass beads, plastic poly pellets and high quality fiber fill. No sand was used. Landon's body comes from Bountiful Baby and is the body recommended for him. I normally do not do tummy plates but I decided to include the anatomically correct tummy plate for Landon. I didn't do any trimming on but you may want to trim off part of the shoulder tops. It may lay over Landon's cloth body better.

I gave my Landon very realistic rooted eyelashes. They are securely glued into place but I recommend being careful when pulling clothing over his face. The eyebrows were hand painted and also look very natural.
Landon has subtle realistic looking veining on his arms, legs and head.

I have spent many hours giving my baby a most realistic looking head of painted hair.
As the look I was going for Landon was that of a newborn baby I wanted a slightly balding look for his hair. It is a full head of hair with lots of movement and waves. It took me many hours but the look I achieved was exactly what I wanted. I love painted hair, especially on a doll that looks like a newborn which lies close to the head and shows a lot of scalp. I gave the doll lots of little baby hairs going down onto the forehead and sides of the scalp.
Baby was given soft and natural looking finger and toe nails. I use a magnifier and will paint the tips over and over until I am happy with the results.
My dolls are not recommended for small children. They should be considered a fine collectible. With proper care my dolls will remain beautiful for many years to come. (also, please use care if you have any pets that like to chew. As the limbs contain fine glass beads) .
I opted to give baby Landon a magnetic pacifier. He has a magnet behind his mouth to hold onto it. Please use caution around any equipment or persons sensitive to a strong magnet.

Baby will arrive at his new home with a generous layette and will be delightful to shop for. One of the things that I really do love about this kit is that the way his clothing fits him so well. I've fitted him with 3 month sizes and he wears them adorably. Another thing that I really do love about Bountiful Baby's kits is that there is no molding on the back of his neck.


Artist: Victoria Arjaev

Length: 21" (53.3 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Boy
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Painted
Skin Color: Mottled

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Adopted for $250 USD   
(approx. $250 USD)

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  Victoria F Arjaev
Lullaby Babies Nursery
Estero, Florida


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