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Hanna Lee preemie
By Phyllis Schomaker

18 inches (45.7 centimeters)

Hanna Lee was created using the Clyde Awake Realborn kit. She weighs 7 pounds 10 ounces and is 18 inches long with curved legs, making her nearly 20 inches in real baby terms. Born at 32 weeks gestation, she is ready to come home from the hospital, but she will need special care and attention. If she had been full term, she would have been a 10-pounder. She wears preemie size clothes.
Hannaleeā€™s sparse blond hair is finely micro-rooted premium quality mohair to achieve the nearly bald growth patterns of a typical newborn baby. Her eyes are sweet baby blue. Her eyebrows are finely painted to achieve the delicate expression of contentment. Her lashes are rooted with a slightly darker shade of human hair for a more natural stiffness and for durability.
Hannalee is painted with many fine layers of Liquitex professional artist grade air dry acrylic paints with subtle mottling, veining, and blushing. She is sealed with a durable double layer of matte acrylic sealer to protect the artwork of this exquisite baby and to achieve a delicate real baby skin look and feel. Her body was custom made to fit her adorable anatomically correct belly plate which contains a magnet for the umbilical cord. She has been weighted with glass beads and steel balls, and then stuffed with polyester fiberfill for a realistic feel when cuddled. Her body plate is easily removable using the ribbon ties.
A RealbornĀ® is a Real Baby Replica in which the mold is made from computer photometric scans of a precious real newborn baby. Virtually every sweet baby fold, wrinkle and crease of the head, ears, eyes, nose, etc. are captured with this technology. The most perfectly realistic babies are made with this method. Hannalee has mixed limbs from other kits, but the head is authentic Clyde.
Included with Hannalee will be her cannula and oxygen tank, a removable umbilical cord, a sealed preemie sized bottle, a magnetic pacifier, formula recipes, an authentic hospital blanket, a hospital knit cap, several preemie diapers, a hospital ID bracelet, and a preemie sized onesie.
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ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns. Please read carefully and examine the pictures to be sure you understand what you are buying. I am happy to answer questions.

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  Phyllis Schomaker
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Even as a child, I LOVED dolls...but only baby dolls. I wanted to grow up and be a mommy to a rainbow assortment of babies...of all different races and colors. Blondes, red-heads, Native Americans, Chinese, African American, etc. would make up my family. Of course, at six, I didn't understand how this could possibly be accomplished. I only knew that all babies were beautiful, and I couldn't possibly choose only one. I grew up, had children and then grandchildren. Now I have found a way to have a rainbow collection of babies. I LOVE making reborns and I have a collection made to look like my own grandchildren...and they will NEVER grow up on me.


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